Hands on with Battleborn at Gamescom

Battleborn Hands on Gamescom
Battleborn Hands on Gamescom

Battleborn - Ambra - Jennerit

Ambra – Jennerit

LOGO JENNERIT IMPERIUMBorn into an ancient order of priestesses responsible for discovering a way to prolong life indefinitely, Ambra was betrayed by her leader and her faction, the Jennerit Empire, and now fights alongside the Battleborn. She is a specialist hero, dealing damage up close through her melee attacks and powerful abilities, while healing her allies in the process.

Ambra is like a egyptian sun priestess for the Jennerit and this totally falls into my prediction.  Her taunt was over the top, how wrong can you get by letting her do the ‘walk like an egyptian” dance move. It’s so wrong that it becomes right, i had to laugh at this. I love the fact that Gearbox doesn’t take things so serious and have a little fun.  I visioned Ambra to be a support character and she can totally do that. She can heal her team, but also is able to spec into a more offensive playstyle.


Sunspot creates up to 3 spots that will explode on touching them. These will heal your party members but  deal damage to your enemies. Casting these does take a brief moment but can be sped up with your helix.

Solar Wind

Solar wind is a shockwave that will knock back  your opponents and dealing damage to them. But this ability can also heal your friends.

Extinction Event

This is Ambra’s Ultimate ability and i said in my prediction she would be dropping a Spirit Bomb like Goku in Dragon Ball Z. But it’s actually a meteor dealing massive damage. Randy (and co) showed off this move in the testing stage. They got into a arena that showed tiles that matured impact. While a simple melee strike had a hitbox of 3 tiles. This meteor had a blast range  that expanded almost as wide as the testing area. I think it’s somewhere around 30 tiles.  All tiles lit up dark red. The darker the color the more damage that tile received. This ability is strong but it took some time for the meteor to actually impact.

Ambra’s Profile Page

Battleborn - Reyna - Roque

Reyna – Rogue

LOGO ROGUESKnown by her followers as “The Valkyrie,” Reyna was born aboard the Rogue faction’s ailing junk heap of a flagship and is a native to the last star system. Reyna has fought tirelessly for the freedom of her space pirate comrades, finding her calling as their inspirational leader. She dishes damage with her laser pistol and uses her command glove to support her teammates.

It was about time that Reyna got officially introduced as a playable character. She was part of the first few characters that got introduced with the exclusive hands on of Game Informer last year. At Gearbox panels during Pax the development team talked about her, but she was absences during the introduction of the first 10 characters. During my presentation Randy was quite brief on Reyna. So maybe he was trying to gain some time, because they had fallen behind schedule. The thing you immediately notice is that Reyna holds her pistol sideways (gangsta style).

Reyna had the ability to overshield her party members. This even applies to the eldrid faction because most of them don’t have a shield. Reyna also had the blast cannon  that you can lock onto targets.

Reyna’s profile page

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