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Battleborn Hands on Gamescom
Battleborn Hands on Gamescom

Battleborn Loot

Battleborn Gear

Battleborn Gear

So here comes a very interesting part of the presentation. Although Randy stated that the menu we got to see was a temporary setup he did go into more specifics about the loot we could collect within Battleborn. This is also one of the systems that carries over from Borderlands and they kinda work like class mods.  Through out the game you can find these pieces of gear, you earn them after each match or you can buy them with your shards. Just like Borderlands they come in different rarities like the common white ones and the rare purple ones. Each piece of gear has unique features and they can affect everything.

So you got your common boost like gain a certain percentage of bonus damage on your melee  or primary attack. Faster recharge delay or speed of your shield. They also seem to hook into your helix skill tree to boost your abilities, like more power or shorter cooldown timer. even more cool is that they can unlock new skills in your helix skill tree giving you the option to choose between 3 skills instead of 2.

Loot for Multiplayer

Another unique boost i noticed was more centered towards the multiplayer aspect (PvP) of the game. There was a skill that would let you augment the opposing forces shield by giving your enemy lower shield or slower recharge capabilities. Giving you the upper hand unless your foe chooses to play as the eldrid Battleborn and therefore have no shield. Making your boost useless. This brings some  unique gear to Battleborn as you could affect your character, your team, and even the enemy. Looking at some of the icon designs some seem to be more faction based. So picking the right character could make a difference. Battleborn is all about character choice and even some pieces of gear are character specific.

Gear Inventory

The temp. menu screen we got to see had 24 inventory slots (24/24). I don’t know how many you can store, but since Borderlands had more inventory space then the 24 from the preview menu, i think there will be more space to store your gear.  I do know that you will be able to  take 3 pieces of gear with you during each battle. You will be able to make presets of your favorite gear, creating specific loadouts.  Be warned using the best gear comes with a price. In able to use them you need to have the shards to back it up in order to activate them. So remember get all the shards! Gear that was shown of had a price tag of ~1250 Shards in order to enable it. You will be able to sell your inferieur gear  but from what i have seen they don’t add a lot to your cash flow (~50 Shards). You can always trade with a friend, but at what price is still unknown. With Borderlands 2 you could  just give it, ask money, swap items or dual for it.

UPDATE: Created a dedicated Gear FAQ

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