Hands on with Battleborn at Gamescom

Battleborn Hands on Gamescom
Battleborn Hands on Gamescom

Hands on with Battleborn

After the presentation i finally got to play Battleborn. Coming to Gamescom knowing Gearbox & 2K would announce 4 new characters i was kinda hoping to play as one of these heroes. This was not the case , just like the visitors from SDCC i got to play the E3 demo. The mission on the snowy side of Blizz. Before hand i had a hard time picking which Battleborn i would play. Almost not able to pick 1 of the 10 characters adding 4 more would have made it a harder choice.

Battleborn - Rath Profilepic

Battleborn – Rath

You might ask which character did i pick, well the answer is none.
After the presentation i was talking to Jeff from Gearbox and someone picked a character for me so they were able to start the game. So when i got there my team was already fighting there first battle. So for my first playthrough i got to play as Rath. Before going to gamescom i didn’t want to play a melee character. It’s a shooter, first person view isn’t made for melee gameplay. But playing as Rath made me change my perspective. Yes he was an aggressive character, getting in close, always on the move. But his skill set was great, i liked his abilities. Making my choices in the helix system changed my abilities and i started liking these moves more and more. Having the Crossblades come back to deal another wave of damage was great. Rath is a powerful hero and his skills load just right to use them quite often, dealing with the waves of enemies. I  also liked his ultimate ability, the spin2win (dreadwind), i wanted to use it more but the cooldown didn’t let me., it’s just that good.

Overview of Rath’s  abilities.
Battleborn - Rath Ability Trailer

For my second run i picked Caldarius. Recently i did see a gameplay walkthrough of him and the person playing didn’t do a great job at first. Caldarius seemed real squishy and he is, but you have to play the right way. Before Gamescom i also thought Caldarius isn’t for me, he is a fly that you can crush with eas. But Rath surprised me so i took my chance. Caldarius has a hit and run playstyle, knowing that lets you play him just right. You need to get in close get those melee hits and get out of there. Caldarius abilities do help him get in for the kill. The flashbangs makes your opponents go blind for a brief moment and the Gravitic Burst lets him come in close with a bang. Making good use of these abilities and picking your moments lets Caldarius do massive damage in that brief moment. So i managed to go down just once and i’m quite proud of that. Not because i’m a terrible gamer, but i think Caldarius does needs some skill/strategy to play as. In the right hands he can be lethal, but seen in that gameplay video he didn’t stood out as a badass.

Overview of Caldarius’s  abilities.
Battleborn Caldarius Ability Trailer
Oscar Mike

Near the end om my gamescom visit i went back for another go at Battleborn and picked a less aggressive, in your face, character. Oscar Mike,  your typical soldier. As he may seem basic is did like his diverse move set. Yes he has the frags, but you can alter them to do crazy things. Turning them into a napalm kinda strike. For my level one tier i was kinda greedy and picked ‘sneak attack’, dealing +20% damage to any attack leaving stealth mode. Yes more damage!!! but now my frags don’t detonate on contact. So i was hated my first choice. By knowing how the frags bounced of the surface i was able to predict its impact. By selecting the incendiary upgrade i  started shooting my frags to the ground and making the napalm fall in the area of my choice. Increasing the  area of effect on my frags made the surface of Blizz a sea of fire. Those Varelsi coming through the portals never knew what hit them.

Later on i picked the skill where you if you exit your cloak early you will get a reduced cooldown. This was useful for my first helix choice, sneak attack, now  i could use that +20% damage more often. Also the final boss had  a rough time, i upgraded my ultimate ability , the airstrike, to the focused laser beam that deals more damage. When exiting stealth mode i hit the final boss with my laser strike and it ate through it’s lifebar. Awesome!

Final Notes

MentalMars at Gamescom

Erika (GBX), Scott (2K), Me & My Wife at Gamescom

I had a great time playing the game. On my 3rd playthrough i started teaching others how to play the game. I noticed one that kept following my lead. The game looks great. I have invested a lot of time  covering Battleborn at fore hand. It did cross my mind what if i don’t like the game. If you didn’t yet notice, I LIKE IT !!! I was sceptic about the 2D visuals you see during the trailers , but during my hands on experience it didn’t feel weird or stood out. The characters i played were diverse and not as flat as you might think. The helix makes all the difference and that’s just one of the things you can level in.  The loot / Gear looks promising and can make some strategic choices, add the variety of turrets you can build and i can only dream what this would mean for the online multiplayer. I asked Jeff if there will be a Battleborn Xbox One  console that i could buy. But i need to get one soon because  i need to play the beta! So if you like Borderlands and you aren’t into Battleborn yet, IT’S TIME!

Battleborn will be in a galaxy near you on February 9, 2016 for PC, Xbox One & Playstation 4.

I would like to thank my friends from 2K Benelux for the invite and all the lovely people from Gearbox & 2K Games at Gamescom!



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