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How does loot work in Godfall?

The Loot of Godfall
The Loot of Godfall

Throughout Godfall you are able to level up and collect loot. There is a variety of items that you can obtain during your quest to defeat the mad god, Macros. There is a mix of random and specific loot drops in Godfall.

You have your random loot drops that you can get from defeating enemies. But then there are also specific loot drops that you get by completing specific objectives. So if you complete a certain story or hunt mission, you will get a bigger reward than defeating your common enemy.

That said, it is possible that you can get an Epic or Legendary item from a random encounter. So there is always a thrill to get something very rewarding.

Godfall Loot

With Godfall, Counterplay Games wanted to focus on quality loot instead of quantity. Loot needs to be meaningful and impactful.

  • Weapons
  • Resources to upgrade weapons
  • Resources to unlock Valorplates
  • Trinkets and Amulets that boost your character and add abilities


Godfall has 5 different weapon classes. Longswords, Polearms, War hammers, Greatswords,  and Dual Blades. You can get different types of weapons within these classes. Each with its own level, abilities, and play style.

You can upgrade your weapons by collecting resources throughout the game and use these to level up your weapon. Richard Heyne, Technical Producer on Godfall mentioned you can keep your level 1 polearm and keep leveling it up throughout the entire game to keep it on par with the overall difficulty level. While that is possible, you probably will find other interesting loot.


Valorplates are the different armor sets that you can unlock. There are 12 different sets of these legendary armor plates. You will always unlock 1 complete set. Therefore, you don’t have to collect the helmet, boots, etc as separate pieces to obtain the full set.

What you do need to collect are the resources that you will need to unlock Valorplates. Once you have collected enough resources, you are free to unlock any Valorplate. Although each Valorplate has different requirements.

I think some resources are only available in a specific realm. This allows the devs to soft-lock some Valorplates for later in the game.


Trinkets and Amulets

Richard Heyne, Technical Producer on Godfall mentioned that trinkets and amulets can alter the way you play. To me, this sounded like something Creative director Keith Lee said during an earlier interview.

You are able to add augments to your Valorplate. He gave the example that you might add an Augment that heals you and your allies whenever you hit an enemy’s weak point for survivability, or you might insert a different Augment that summons deadly magical missiles that target nearby enemies for soft AoE damage whenever you hit a weak point.

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