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How long does is Godfall’s Campaign?

godfall keyart
godfall keyart

Godfall Story Campaign Length

You are probably wondering how long does it take to beat the story campaign in Godfall? The community manager of Counterplay Games mentioned on Reddit that Godfall isn’t as lengthy as God of War.

However, it’s also mentioned that the story is more involved than Monster Hunter: World, which really takes a backseat if you are focused on hunting. There is nothing wrong with a compact action-packed story as long as the game entertains you and the gameplay is satisfying.

If we check how many hours it takes to complete God of War we have an indication of what we can expect for Godfall. That said, everyone plays a game at their own pace. Where I see streamers rush through games, I tend to take my time and explore every nook and cranny.

Since God of War clocks in at 25 to 35 hours to complete, we can expect it to be less than that. Even if it takes 20 hours to complete the story, I would be satisfied with that. Because the end of the story doesn’t mean the end of the game, since Godfall also has end-game content for you to take a swing at.

Hopefully, you are now ready to pre-order Godfall and grab those pre-order bonuses. I’ll update this article once the real numbers roll in.

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