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How to Mod Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Modding Tool
Borderlands 3 Modding Tool

Borderlands 3 Mods

If you want to play a modded version of Borderlands 3 and have fun with some of the cool stuff the community came up with, you want to use the Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger tool (B3HM). This lets you combine and implement different enhancements to the game.

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger Install & Usage

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Merger: Installation / Usage

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to install MODs for Borderlands 3

  1. Install Plugin Loader

    Download D3D11.zip and extract the files into the Borderlands 3 Game folder

  2. Install Hotfix Merger

    Download D3HM.zip and extract the files into the plugins folder you added in step 1.

  3. Configure Hotfix Merger

    Boot up Borderlands 3. Once it’s loaded a B3HM logo will appear in your taskbar. Click on it and open the Web UI menu. Don’t go into the game itself just yet.

  4. Acquire MODs

    Go to the BL3 MOD Cabinet and choose a MOD from one of the categories that you would like to use. Copy the link of the MOD and paste this in the Hotfix Merger Web UI.

  5. Managing MODs

    MODs will be loaded into the game on the splash screen where your account gets loaded in. Every time you want to add MODs you will need to ‘Quit to Title Screen’ and sign back in. If you want to remove MODs you would need to remove the MOD URL and fully quit the game in order to remove it as the hotfix only adds stuff.

Proxy Settings: Replace or Merge

In the Proxy Settings you can toggle between Replace and Merge. By default it will merge your MODs with the Hotfix data that Gearbox Software pushes to the game. The Borderlands 3 Hotfix updates the game to what GBX thinks is right. Usually, these are balance changes or minor bugs.

However, you can choose to ignore the changes that Gearbox made and fully go with the community modifications by choosing the replace option.

How to Receive Items?

The B3HM Web UI also allows you to send items to your mailbag through the ‘receive items’ section. You can simply paste a code into the text field and press ‘add’.

I will add these codes on my site but you can also check this Google Doc.

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