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Immortals of Aveum Achievements

Immortals of Aveum Achievements
Immortals of Aveum Achievements

These are all the 48 Achievements you can earn in Immortals of Aveum. Here is a brief overview of what to expect from the things you have to accomplish.

  • 15 Chapter Achievements
  • 6 Talk to NPC Achievements
  • 9 Gear Achievements
  • 4 Completionist Achievements
  • 3 Difficulty Achievements
  • 3 Defeat Enemies Achievements
  • 3 Talent Tee Achievements
  • 3 Fun Optional Achievements
  • 1 Collectable Achievement

Immortals of Aveum Achievement List

UnforeseenCompleted “Streetwise”10
Battlefields Have MemoriesCompleted “The Magnus”10
Maybe Engage a LittleCompleted “Yltheum”15
No More NamesCompleted “The Immortals”10
InitiateCompleted “The Hand of Sandrakk”15
Thrada-KulCompleted “Nocea”10
Gravity-Challenged RocksCompleted “Exile”10
All the Major Food GroupsCompleted “The Magic Eaters”10
Beggars Would RideCompleted “Caldera”10
Control is an IllusionCompleted “The Binding Mark”10
The Means to Save ItCompleted “Colossal”15
Resilience to SinCompleted “Ruin”10
A Familiar NestCompleted “Occupation”10
Geas AristeyaCompleted “Glaivegate”10
A Perfect CycleCompleted “The Shrouded Realm”15
RecruitCompleted the game on Apprentice difficulty40
Lights ArmyCompleted the game on Magnus difficulty60
Grand MagnusCompleted the game on Immortal difficulty80
SocialiteSpoke to everyone at the Select party10
Family BusinessSpoke to Silas Mede about every topic20
DiplomatSpoke to Ambassador Damolie about every topic20
Petite BourgeoisieSpoke to Magister Belming about every topic20
Witch-TakerSpoke to Hauser about every topic20
Out of TimeSpoke to Orphe about every topic20
ScholarCollected 50 Lore Texts30
ArmsmanFully Upgraded 1 Legendary Sigil15
Kitted OutFully Upgraded 1 Legendary Totem15
Best DressedFully Upgraded 1 Legendary Bracer15
Armaments AzureObtained 3 Legendary Blue Sigils25
Armaments GulesObtained 3 Legendary Red Sigils25
Armaments VertObtained 3 Legendary Green Sigils25
Periapt CeruleanObtained 1 Legendary Blue Totem25
Periapt AlizarinObtained 1 Legendary Red Totem25
Periapt ViridianObtained 1 Legendary Green Totem25
EnlistedDefeated 100 Enemies10
SoldierDefeated 500 Enemies20
VeteranDefeated 1200 Enemies40
Master of UltramarineUnlocked all Talents in Blue Magic branch25
Master of CarmineUnlocked all Talents in Red Magic branch25
Master of MalachiteUnlocked all Talents in Green Magic branch25
Shroudfane ExplorerCompleted 10 Shroudfanes20
Shroudfane SurveyorCompleted all Shroudfanes40
Tip of the SpearDefeated All of The Six40
Treasure HunterOpened all Golden Chests in the main story40
Fowl PlayFound the bird in the Palathon10
BacktrackerWhile looking for Thaddeus, returned from Kalthus to the Palathon10
Good BoyYou pet the Veki10
Magnus of the Order EliteGet all other achievements0

Check out my Immortals of Aveum Wiki for more information about the game.

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