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First look at Immortals of Aveum Gameplay

Ascendant Studios and EA Originals dropped the first gameplay of Immortals of Aveum. In a good 6 minute video you get to see Jak in action as he shows his magical abilities.

And so it begins…

After a quick tease, we get a brief cinematic that basically jumps us into the battle. Right from the start, Jak is attacked by some archers shooting from a distance. He swiftly deals with them and pulls the last one in with his Lash and finishes him off with a red magic blast.

Then our attention is on some kind of Gollum and a knight swinging a mace. Jak counters the blue shield by shooting the matching magic color. Jak blocks the knight’s big swing attack by casting his shield but the impact of the attack breaks the shield leaving Jak vulnerable.

As our soldiers help us out defeating the enemies, there is a blue crystal on the ground. These can be crushed to refill your mana meter for hard-hitting spells. Also, you briefly see Jak crush a health crystal with his left hand to restore his health.

Mini-boss Encounter

Immortals of Aveum Min-iBoss
Immortals of Aveum Mini-Boss

Jak gets swarmed by 5 “berserker” knights but he uses the environment to his advantage. With his Lash, Jak elevates himself to an advantage point. Jak is casting magic spells while he dashing and double jumping through the air. Definitely a showcase of the fluid movement capabilities. These Red Berserker-like knights need to get in close for their shotgun-like attacks. So keeping your distance is a smart thing to do.

Devyn seems to be helping throughout this encounter but we also get a glimpse of one of the Totems as Jak uses a floating bottle in his left hand. The fight finishes with a big fury attack as Jak creates this Black Hole Vortex. These attacks do consume a portion of your mana meter. We do get the Epic Magnus Fragfire Sigil for defeating this mini-boss.

Gear Menu

Immortals of Aveum Gear Menu
Immortals of Aveum Gear Menu

We get a glimpse of the in-game menu halfway through the video. There we get an overview of the gear, pickups, and our hero stats.

Sigils3Sigils grant stat boosts and buffs and can also alter how certain spells work.
Totems3Totems offer various (mobility) boosts.
Rings2Magic Rings augment and transform the grenade-like Fury spells.
Bracer1Bracers boost your defensive abilities.

There are multiple currencies we need to collect in order to upgrade our gear. It looks like each color of essence will correspond with a purchasable boost that will enhance the sigil of that magic type.

The legendary essence might create boosts that are universal and can be used on any sigil, if I have to guess.

Altar Puzzle

Immortals of Aveum Puzzle
Immortals of Aveum Puzzle

We approach an altar and use one of our totems on it. Nothing seems to happen in the world around us, therefore, I think we charge ourselves in some way.

I think we charge the Totem ability as moments later, Jak discovers a secret room with a puzzle. By using his Lash he can move objects and position himself in order to activate both globes at the same time.

This puzzle seems to summon an ancient Gollum that has a very aggressive laser eye… face… head. Using the environment to your advantage seems like a good strategy here.


The secret boss fight gets cut short by a cutscene where General Kirkan and Jak debate the Everwar. Things seem heated but Jak’s profile also mentioned him as a hot-head.

Immortals of Aveum will launch worldwide on August 22nd, 2023. The game is being developed for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on EA App, Steam, and Epic Game Store. You can find more detail in the FAQ section.

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