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Immortals of Aveum HUD Revealed + My Analysis

Immortals of Aveum HUD Breakdown
Immortals of Aveum HUD Breakdown

Ascendant Studios showed off the first gameplay of Immortals of Aveum, however, they didn’t showcase the in-game HUD (Heads-Up Display) in that presentation because of cinematic purposes. This didn’t stop some enthusiastic Battlemages out there and therefore the studio did share some clips on social media that does feature the HUD.

HUD Analysis

I contacted the Community Content Manager at Ascendant Studios and she was kind to provide me with a few screenshots of the HUD in action.

I analyzed the images and the footage to the best of my abilities. The following info is based on my understanding of the game at this point. While some things are obvious there is some speculation.


General Info

  • Your Mission and Quests Objectives are displayed on the top left.
  • A Radar is located on the top center, it displays North/East/South/West but also shows the direction of your current objective by placing a dot in the radar bar.
  • There is also a circle Quest Marker on the screen indicating the direction of your objective.
  • In the center of the screen, you have your crosshair the look of the crosshair might change depending on the spell you currently use.
  • Your Blink charges are displayed underneath your crosshair. The Blink Clip Icon has a corresponding number of dots underneath that represent the number of charges.
  • Enemies have a Health Bar above their head indicating their status.
  • Notifications like Lore Entries are displayed on the middle left of the screen.
  • Gear Rewards are displayed in the lower middle of the screen.

Player Powers

The Bottom Left HUD of Immortals of Aveum

There are HUD elements displayed on the bottom left of the screen. I believe these are all the control spells in one place with the addition of the player’s life bar.

  • TOP BLUE ICON: I believe this is your Lash power. The dots above them indicate the number of pulls you have. Interviews mentioned this ability is assigned to the L-Trigger on consoles, the button you normally would use to aim down sight.
  • LEFT RED ICON: I think this is the Disrupt Spell that Tess mentioned in their Deep Dive. It makes sense to have all control spells in one place.
  • RIGHT WHITE ICON: This is a Health Crystal. The number indicates how many Health Crystals you have. The bar next to the crystal would logically be your own health bar. Use the right D-Pad button on consoles or the C button on PC to consume a Health Crystal.
  • BOTTOM GREEN ICON: If this is another control ability, this would be the Limpet spell to slow down elements.

Magical Powers

The Bottom Right HUD of Immortals of Aveum

There are HUD elements displayed on the bottom right of the screen. I believe these are all the magic attack spells.

  • The PC version of the HUD shows 1 t/m 6 buttons to quick-select a specific spell. This is not seen in the console screenshot.
  • There are a few (3 or 4) bars displayed. I believe these are the Fury Attacks because next to them you see a Mana Crystal (Press X to use). These crystals are used to restore your Mana bar that you need for your Fury attacks.
    • Mana Bar has different colors: Red, Green, Blue, and Purple.
  • The big Emblem Sign looks like something you need to charge up. I think this is for your powerful Dominion spell.

Now that you know what the elements of the HUD are here is the definitive control scheme for Immortals of Aveum.

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