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Immortals of Aveum Lore Book ARG SOLVED

Immortals of Aveum Hidden Lore Book
Immortals of Aveum Hidden Lore Book

Ascendant Studios wrote a lore book for their game Immortals of Avuem in order to establish the world of Aveum. This book was written by Michael Kirkbride – who is known for his work on The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion, The Walking Dead, and Batman: Enemy Within – and was instrumental to the creation of the game.

Ascendant Studios teased that we could get our hands on this exceptional piece of art if we managed to find it….and I found it.

The existence of a digital lore book was hinted at during an interview with Michael Kirkbride and in a Social Media post.

So as soon as the community finished playing the main story the hunt for the lore book began.

Uncovering The Lore of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum Lore Book
Immortals of Aveum Lore Book – The Yearly Guide to the Everwar

An Immortals of Aveum fan, ErfXploded, posted his first potential finding of the lore book on the Immortals Reddit and the Official Immortals Discord.

There is a lore item in the Palathon that mentions some descriptive coordinates.

Pentac coordinates are based upon the respective location’s relationship to the Pentacade. There are two numbers, one that represents Facing, and one that represents Distance.

If you were to think of the Pentacade as a gnomon on a sundial, the Facing is represented by the numbers around the gnomon, while the Distance represents how far the location is from the gnomon. For example:

“Asset attained. We are falling back to our previous location. Hostiles are in pursuit. Request evac — facing 1.07, distance 97 miles. I repeat, Pentac 1.07 dash 97.”

Pentac Coordinates

A Journey Across Aveum

Quickly the community managed to find ancient writings throughout Aveum. ErfXploded and RockWithAMedicineCup managed to translate the symbols into letters.

Immortals of Avuem Hidden inscripture

By following these breadcrumbs that the developers left behind we hope to discover the official Lore Book, The Yearly Guide to the Everwar.

I already had discovered a weird page up on the Ascendant Studios website. There is a Lythium symbol next to the Social Media icons. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I was looking for assets for my content creation. However, once the community managed to decypher the alphabet I noticed the symbol matched with the letter S.

This secret link leads to a page called Snowglobe, however, its content is locked behind a password and the source code reveals nothing.

You might have noticed that the first symbol in this scripture is colored red. If you manage to collect all these letters and place them in the correct order you get a phrase that is synonymous with the game.

Credits to ErfXploded and RockWithAMedicineCup for doing the heavy lifting! I couldn’t have cracked the code without your efforts. I kind of held off initially posting this as it didn’t feel like my Easter Egg to solve as something similar happened to me while decrypting the Borderlands 3 Easter Egg in Battleborn getting 90% there but someone else swooping in to crack the final obstacle.

I didn’t notice ErfXploded and RockWithAMedicineCup also started collecting the red letters but I managed to figure out the password by collecting the letters for myself. While not having every letter, I managed to get to the correct answer by filling in the blanks. I guess I paid attention to the marketing and the game as this phrase was used commonly.

Thanks to Ascendant Studios for setting up this awesome ARG and its secrets!

Secret PageLINK
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