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Immortals of Aveum Developers Working on New Game Mode

Immortals of Aveum New Game Mode
Immortals of Aveum New Game Mode

The Lead Engineer at Ascendant Studios – who is in charge of Post-Launch Support – stated in the official Immortals of Aveum Discord that even after the recent layoffs the studio is still working on more updates for Immortals of Aveum and is even creating a new game mode for fans to further enjoy the game.

Ascendant Studios is hard at work on developing a New Game+ mode for Immortals of Aveum. This feature will give you the option to replay the story campaign from the start but while the story resets, your character actually keeps all of his Gear and and Talent.

Their plan is to allow you to fill out your whole Talent Tree over the course of this second playthrough. Therefore, the developers are working to balance the level-scaling and the difficulty in order to accommodate this.

The Lead Engineer mentioned that having all the hidden Golden Chests and Shroudfanes is going to give the best New Game+ experience. But fear not that the game is going to be too difficult or not difficult enough as the New Game+ mode and Difficulty Settings are treated separately. You will be able to adjust the challenge to your preferred experience.

New Game+ is still in development and therefore no exact release date has been announced yet but fans can expect this and some other surprises “Soonish”. This article will be updated as more details are revealed.

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