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Immortals of Aveum Patch Notes

Immortals of Aveum Patch Notes
Immortals of Aveum Patch Notes

Ascendant Studios is dedicated to supporting and optimizing Immortals of Aveum after its initial release. There are more updates scheduled to come in September and into this Fall. On top of that, the studio is working hard on a new game plus offering as well as more things.

Sept 8, 2023 – Patch update

The third update goes live Monday the 11th across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, so please check out the release notes below. Ascendant Studios continues to work to make Immortals of Aveum™ the best game it can be and they appreciate everyone who has taken the time to play, share their feedback, and send in bug reports. 

Key Fixes: 

  • Addressed DLSS compatibility issue causing blurriness for some users on PC
  • Addressed DLSS ghosting that was caused when Frame Generation is on
  • Fixed an issue where DLSS settings would not apply properly on game launch for PC
  • Improved Upscaling for better image fidelity on consoles
  • Addressed an issue with Dynamic Shader Branching, improving performance on console and PC 
  • Various Memory optimizations on console and PC


  • Fixed minor bugs and progression issues 
  • Minor visual improvements and fixes throughout the game 

Sept 4, 2023 – Patch update

Key Fixes:

  • Increased the mouse sensitivity range so users can adjust the setting lower as needed 
  • Fixed underlying issue that could cause console brightness to appear too dark or too bright

Game Performance:

  • Fixed multiple instances of occasional crashes and progression blockers 
  • Fixed an issue where game was overwriting save slots when the user spawned at a specific location 
  • Improved various instances of FPS drops and stuttering throughout the game
  • Addressed areas where the game would occasionally hitch or freeze momentarily 
  • Improved loot spawn time


  • Fixed instances where objects were sometimes not appearing in the correct location
  • Fixed various instances where spell cooldown, reload, and animations could trigger incorrectly or interfere with spell function
  • Fixed various possible issues caused by dying and respawning
  • Prevented spells being cast in the background of cinematics 
  • Addressed exploits in the Chapter 2 Howler fight
  • Addressed exploit in the Obelisk Fane
  • Addressed display issue with Spell preview videos 
  • Fixed various combat quirks with Archon and Red Elementals
  • Addressed exploits when navigating the terrain in specific locations
  • Fixed multiple areas where user could fall through map or get stuck
  • Minor balancing and stat updates
  • Addressed minor combat exploits 


  • Added text to display unspent Ascension points when the user earns Arcanum
  • Various level map fixes and improvements to ensure UI elements display as intended 
  • Fixed various instances where text did not display properly
  • Improvements to the Performance Budget tool UI
  • Fixes to Objective marker and Quest descriptions occasionally not displaying correctly 


  • Dialogue options now clickable using the mouse
  • Prevented Fury Spells from being cast during conversations with NPCs
  • Added a loading animation on the “Optimize Game Files” screen
  • Fixed issue where message prompts were occasionally not appearing upon changing settings
  • Added three graphics settings: Mesh Pool Quality, Shadow Rendering Pool Size, Render Target Pool Size
  • Fixed issue on low and min spec PCs where some settings would be set to ultra by default, causing performance problems 
  • Fixed issues that sometimes occurred when changing the display resolution or display mode 


  • Removed empty boxes from Display menu tab 


  • Slightly improved graphical quality on Xbox Series S

Misc. Changes & Minor Fixes:

  • Made it so that tutorials related to combat appear again if you die before completing the tutorial 
  • Added a link to a help page when the game experiences online connectivity issues
  • Fixes for missing or mistimed subtitles 
  • Fixed an issue where colorblind mode was displaying incorrectly 
  • Fixed an issue where combat banter would not play during The Morbane boss battle
  • Updated localized Privacy and Cookie Policy documents
  • Game credits list updated
  • Minor visual improvements and fixes throughout the game to UI, VFX, animation, cinematics, and other art
  • Minor fixes to audio mix and SFX

Aug 25, 2023 – Patch update

The update for PC and PS5 is available now and will be available on Xbox tomorrow.


  • Fixed broken water visual effects, including reflections and visuals while standing and firing in the water
  • Safeguarded against crashes and progression blockers
  • Fixed an issue with the interact point on Selko
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t reach Alacrity Fane
  • Performance improvements, including areas where in-world Corruption is present


  • Improved the shader compilation screen


  • Added a Gamma Correction slider in Settings under the Display tab
    • This will help players experiencing scenes that are too dark or bright

Aug 22, 2023 – Day 1 Patch

Key Fixes

  • Improved performance and memory usage throughout the game
  • Improved POI, quest objectives, and mini-map guidance throughout
  • Numerous visual improvements to cinematics and gameplay 


  • Minor visual improvements and fixes to UI, VFX, and other art throughout the game
  • Fine-tuned player stats, damage, health, mana, combat, and progression
  • Fixed progress blockers and exploits through the game and epilogue
  • Improved exposure settings across the game while playing on low-quality settings
  • Improved lighting during conversations with NPCs
  • Fixed an issue where a boss’ health bar would display their shield even after the shield was shredded


  • Implemented shader building process upon first start-up of a clean install
  • Fixed bugs in animations and meshes that occurred when playing at a high FOV
  • Defaulted V-sync to on (can be turned off in graphics settings menu) 
  • Rebalanced GPU/CPU allocation for each graphics setting to more accurately reflect their Performance Budget impact 
  • Overall improvements to the Graphics Settings menu for clarity 
  • Added additional messaging for how to cycle control spells 
  • The game should now properly recognize every resolution and aspect ratio supported by your monitor 

All Consoles

  • Addressed missing VFX at the end of Chapter 2 if playing before the game has finished downloading 
  • Improved terrain texture transition between different detail levels 
  • Ensured that Light Shafts and Local Exposure are on for all consoles


  • Reduced memory overhead on Series S 
  • Resolved material error with Palathon pillars


  • Safeguard added against rare crash when quitting and resuming in Chapter 1

Misc. Changes & Minor Fixes

  • Ensured that the objective notification for completing 100% of the game always appears in your HUD
  • Improved functionality for accept/revert buttons in the settings menu 
  • Improvements to audio mixing + transitions and fixed missing sound effects throughout the game 
  • Ensured that enemies do not attack the player while the player is still loading into the level
  • Localization improvements throughout 
  • Immolate will now consistently damage Brute Shield spells
  • Redistributed Rings across the game
  • Fixed missing lipsync during the Bathysphere sequence
  • Improvements to follow guidance on Devyn during Chapter 4
  • Fixed issue where Colorblind mode would sometimes turn off during parts of cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where starting a new game and returning to a previous profile would clear map data
  • Improvements to subtitle accuracy, duration, and display categories
  • Improved lunge and critical hit detection on the Shrouded Howler boss
  • Added safeguards on puzzles and encounters in revisited areas to ensure that they always save and reload safely
  • Burstfire sigil now properly transmutes limpets
  • Improvements to colorblind profile settings
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