Inside Gearbox Software Panel - Battleborn - Pax East 2016



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Inside Gearbox Software PAX East 2016 Panel

During Pax East Gearbox Software did another Inside Gearbox Panel where they talked about what they are working on.  This panel was a lot about there upcoming game Battleborn but also a little tease on there next big project. The panel started off with some casual stuff and Randy Pitchford doing his magic tricks, this to give Gregg Miller enough time to also show up at the Inside Gearbox Panel. After a short introduction the team is going to talk about Battleborn.

On Stage:

Erika – Marketing (Host)
Gregg Miller (Co-Host)
Randy Pitchford – President of Gearbox Software
Brian Thomas – Design Director
Anthony Nicholson –  Associate Producer
Scott Kester – Art Director
Randy Varnell – Creative Director
Mikey Neumann – Chief Creative Champion

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