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Interview with New Tales From The Borderlands Developers

Everything You Need to Know About New Tales From The Borderlands | gamescom 2022

Two Gearbox Software developers did an interview with IGN right after New Tales From the Borderlands was revealed on stage at Gamescom 2022.


  • Is this a continuation of the previous game or does it stand on its own?
  • Where does the game fit in the overall Borderlands timeline?
  • Has the art style changed compared to the previous game?
  • We saw guns with legs but what other guns will we see return?
  • Will we see any established Borderlands characters return in this New Tales game?
  • Did we see a fighting game within the trailer?
  • Can you tell us more about the characters?
  • What’s the difference between building a story for Tales compared to your typical Borderlands game?
  • How many episodes does the game have?
  • Are you planning for a Season 2 of New Tales From The Borderlands?
  • What was your experience creating this game?
  • If you could create a Frogert flavor, what would it be?

My Thoughts

Definitely an interesting interview.

Great to see James again, he was on the PR forefront during the Borderlands The Pre-Sequel days. I believe this is the first time we see Lin but heard great things about her on social media. I also have that Borderlands 3 COV hoodie that she is wearing.

Promethea is definitely in a rough spot if Tediore invades the planet 1 year after Maliwan’s hostile take over. One corporation after the other stepping in to claim something.

They mention that they don’t have any plans for DLC or Season 2 at the moment. This makes me wonder what Randy Pitchford was teasing about.

I might want a G-Fuel Hype Sauce Frogert…hahaha…

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