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Interview with New Tales From The Borderlands Developers

Interview with New Tales From The Borderlands Developers

Two Gearbox Software developers did an interview with IGN right after New Tales From the Borderlands was revealed on stage at Gamescom 2022.


  • Is this a continuation of the previous game or does it stand on its own?
  • Where does the game fit in the overall Borderlands timeline?
  • Has the art style changed compared to the previous game?
  • We saw guns with legs but what other guns will we see return?
  • Will we see any established Borderlands characters return in this New Tales game?
  • Did we see a fighting game within the trailer?
  • Can you tell us more about the characters?
  • What’s the difference between building a story for Tales compared to your typical Borderlands game?
  • How many episodes does the game have?
  • Are you planning for a Season 2 of New Tales From The Borderlands?
  • What was your experience creating this game?
  • If you could create a Frogert flavor, what would it be?

My Thoughts

Definitely an interesting interview.

Great to see James again, he was on the PR forefront during the Borderlands The Pre-Sequel days. I believe this is the first time we see Lin but heard great things about her on social media. I also have that Borderlands 3 COV hoodie that she is wearing.

Promethea is definitely in a rough spot if Tediore invades the planet 1 year after Maliwan’s hostile take over. One corporation after the other stepping in to claim something.

They mention that they don’t have any plans for DLC or Season 2 at the moment. This makes me wonder what Randy Pitchford was teasing about.

I might want a G-Fuel Hype Sauce Frogert…hahaha…

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