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Is Gearbox Software’s Montreal Studio Working on a 3rd-Person Shooter?

GBX 3rd Person Shooter in Development
GBX 3rd Person Shooter in Development

It’s no secret that Gearbox Entertainment opened a new Studio in Montreal. In the press release, they stated that the new studio will be helping with the Borderlands franchise (Borderlands 4 and New Tales From The Borderlands) and developing a new IP.

7 Months after the announcement, I went through the job listings to see what kinds of talent they are searching for and there were two job descriptions that triggered my interest.

If you check out the AI Programmer and Gameplay Programmer job descriptions, you can see that they give bonus points if you have experience with third-person shooter games.

This is interesting as Gearbox Software has a reputation for developing first-person shooters. That said, throughout their games, they have been looking at ways to showcase your character more and more.

This is why you see your Borderlands and Wonderlands character on the menu screens. With Battleborn there were multiple skills that moved the camera from a first to a third-person view.

This is an interesting development for Gearbox Software as we could expect something new outside of the realm of first-person shooters.

Since the Montreal Studio is developing a new IP, I cannot slap a new Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, or Battleborn game onto this project, although that could be interesting and a lot of fans are waiting for a new game in those franchises.

I know Warframe is popular in the community and some have tipped their toes into outriders for a bit. But a 3rd-person mode for Borderlands has also been a popular request in the past.

Are there any types of games you would like to see Gearbox Software develop?

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