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Is Godfall an Open World Game?

Is Godfall an Open World Game?
Is Godfall an Open World Game?

Godfall Open World?

No, Godfall isn’t an Open World type of game. While the levels might look like a large world, this is actually a good level design. Giving you the impression of a larger world than that you can access.

Godfall actually uses a mission structure. When you are at your home base, ‘Seventh Sanctum’, you can select your armor set, weapons, and augments, and do some crafting. Before jumping into a mission. There are Story and Hunt Missions as well as end-game content.

  • Story Missions
    • Story missions let you play through Godfall’s tale. These focus on the Many-on-1 gameplay but you will encounter 1-on-1 mid- and end-bosses.
  • Hunt Missions
    • Hunt Missions will send you on a quest to take down bosses. These missions are all about the 1-on-1 combat and will feature new bosses that you won’t run into during the story campaign.
  • Tower of Trials
    • Tower of Trials is your end-game content. Here you can test your skills against the toughest foes and earn top-tier loot.

You will be fighting through various realms in order to stop the mad god, Macros. There is the Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit Realm. There you will face off against 90+ different enemies, mid- and end bosses.

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