Is the Original Borderlands being Remastered ?

Borderlands Remastered Update
Borderlands Remastered Update

Yesterday various game sites started reporting that we are getting a Borderlands 1 Remaster. While those site stated that the Korean rating board leaked  ‘Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition’ on their website yesterday, most of them actually failed to provide actual prove. Some of the sites did mention that the Korean rating board also leak  “Sunset Overdrive” for PC last week. However I started searching for some more concrete prove rather than “this other site posted this thing and that’s why we need to cover it”.

This all sounds great; a remaster of the original Borderlands game !!! HYPE !!! However…

Was Borderlands: Game of the Year listed ?

To find out if this news is just a rumor or if it’s true we need to know if it was listed. I was able to find links to the individual product pages, however when writing this article it seems the items have been taken down.

Luckily I was also able to find some screenshots from the website that shows that Borderlands: Game of the Year was listed.

Borderlands GOTY Edition Korean Listing

Borderlands GOTY Edition Korean Listing

Is Borderlands GOTY a Re-release or Remaster ?

Defining what type of release this is going to be is a bit speculative. The tag “Game of the Year” only applies that all of the DLC is included in the package. This would indicate that we are talking about a straight port, a rerelease of the old game running on newer hardware. In the specifications it also just mentions:

  • Game name: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition [PS4]
  • Original name: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition
    (I translated the image below to get more context)
Borderlands GOTY Edition Korean Rating

Borderlands GOTY Edition Korean Rating

Borderlands GOTY Edition Korean RatingThe strange thing about this is that the game was not just listed for PS4 and Xbox One,  it was also listed for PC. Because of the inclusion of the PC platform this means that this isn’t just a straight port from the old generation of consoles to the new ones.  The original Borderlands was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009. While I enjoyed playing that game on Xbox 360 back in the day, the graphical fidelity doesn’t  match up against the PC version. Porting the game to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 would let player experience that game in “full” glory like Gearbox and 2K did with the Handsome collection.  So there has to been some work to justify a rerelease on PC, because the game is already up on PC. This is why I think it we are going more towards a remaster than a port.

What do you think about this, Is it a Remaster or a Rerelease ? You can use this poll or leave a comment.

Borderlands Remastered Again ?

This all sounds great; a remaster of the original Borderlands game !!! HYPE !!! However this isn’t the first time that we heard about a Borderlands 1 Remaster. Back in December 2014 we also learned that Borderlands remastered was listed on the Australian rating board. It was going to be developed by Gearbox Software and 2K Australia. Except after the release of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel the 2K Aus studio shut down. Since then we haven’t heard anything about the remaster. While I hope its for real this time we have been let down in the past.

On twitter fans have also been asking for a Borderlands 1 remaster and Randy Pitchford, President Gearbox Software, always said that they currently rather invest time in the the next Borderlands.  However during the Nerdvana podcasts Randy also mentioned things like; “Preserving their legacy games” and “If customer demand is high enough“. If we even go further back Randy also said if the Handsome Collection sells well that would help towards  the goal of releasing a next-gen version of Borderlands 1.

Borderlands 10th Anniversary

The original Borderlands was released in 2009, so a 10th anniversary thingy could be right around the corner. Or is this game going to be released this year and function as a filler until we do get Borderlands 3 ? There are some upgrades I would like to see coming to the Borderlands 1 Remaster. If you have any demands let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Connor Reid

    Owen Jeffery Davies

  2. Owen Jeffery Davies

    Saw an article the other night from eurogamer, i reckon they’ll drop the info for it at E3

  3. Wayne Stevens

    Reckon there will be a very short mild teaser of BL3.. Then some BS of “you asked, we listened… Coming this fall you’ll get to go back to where it all started, before handsome Jack became power hungry blah blah blah..
    We bring you Borderlands remastered”..

    If carlesberg did gaming expo speaches… It’d probably go like this..

  4. Kayne Raymond Bascombe

    I wish

  5. Billy Hunter

    Just release Borderlands 3 already will ya?

  6. Tim Pope

    If any Gearbox guys read this site, I already own TWO BL1 games for PS3 (the original and GOTY). However, I would buy at least one more for PS4. I will also buy BL3 as soon as it is released and any DLCs, then probably buy BL3 GOTY when it becomes available (assuming I grow much older than my current 73).

  7. Ian Wawersich

    Wouldn’t mind a BL1 remaster, long as the farming bugs are kept in.

    • Dustin Evans

      Hell yeah I would be on that so fast

  8. Nicholas McReynolds

    Hidden chests should definitely stay in if this actually happens, i know where lots of good ones are

  9. Michael Hedges

    I really hope it is

  10. OZ Chynx Lopez

    Cool ahahaaaaa

  11. Make sure this happens, redefining the best of the past!!


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