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Jack the Doppelganger DLC Pack

Handsome Jack DLC Pack
Handsome Jack DLC Pack

The newest Vault Hunter is  none other than Jack  himself or his body double, who really knows. Requested as a playable character by the one and only Randy Pitchford, CEO of Hyperion… uh… i mean Gearbox Software. Jack the Doppelganger is part of the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Season Pass.

If you played Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequel , you know that Handsome Jack has a body double.  Doctor  Autohn  transformed  Timothy Lawrence to to look , speak and act like the real Jack. And to make things more difficult for Jack’s enemies the doppelganger has holographic decoys. Jack’s action skill is called  Expandable Assets, this digi-structs two  digi-jacks that fight alongside him.

Jack’s skill trees are called, the Hero of this story,  Greater Good & Free Enterprise.

The Hero of this story

This is the tanky skill tree giving you buffs for survivability.  Also this tree boost your grenades, giving you the chance to throw free grenades. The final tier skill is ‘Promote the Ranks’ giving you  a Badass Digi-Jack. Every Digi-Jack after that has  a 33%  chance to  be a Badass version. Badass Digi-Jacks deal more damage and have increased health. They also have the ability to launch a powerful missile barrage. One skill in this tree will inspire  you with words of greatness. It does not have any effect on your stats of abilities. It’s just Jack with funny / crazy lines of dialogue, making Borderlands even weirder.

Greater Good

Is a skill tree that focusses on your action skill. It will even let you kill of your own Digi-Jacks in order to get a second win. That in combination with a lot of kill skills will let you activate a lot of boosts with ease.

Free Enterprise

This skill tree is focused around using weapon in a particular way. Swapping weapons can give you buffs . Therefore the first skill is there to increase your weapon swap speed.  Handsome Jack is the CEO of Hyperion, so if you use Hyperion weapons you get even more Accuracy and Critical Hit damage. The final tier skill will give you weapon bonuses based on the weapon manufacture of the previous gun. Switched from a Vladof weapon to a Torgue  gun, you just got a 34% Fire rate buff from the Vladof company. Every switch  give you a unique weapon manufacture  bonus. This skill tree also holds a melee override skill letting you shoot lasers from your wrists. The Butt Slam also gets a upgrade in this tree. If you preform a Slam you shoot a cone of lasers in front of you.

Handsome Jack the Doppelganger Pack Trailer


Jack the Doppelganger Gameplay

Randy Pitchford & The Handsome Jack Doppelganger Pack - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Now Playing

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