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June Channel Update

Hey and welcome to another Channel Update. In these blogs, I want to give you an update on what has been going on in my life and on the website as I strive to create a kickass resource for you.


Last month the kids had 2 weeks off from school so we had some time to do some stuff as a family. One of those things was Ghost Golfing. This was your glow-in-the-dark mini-golf but it had this whole haunted house vibe. So one time you were trying to putt it into a fireplace and when you were successful the whole thing would light up. One course had a hidden air-blower which made it look super spooky as the ball would mysteriously alter its trajectory.

My youngest son had a school trip after the school holiday but our kids like to know what they get into ahead of time. Therefore we took him to that playground a week prior to the school trip so we could familiarize him with the layout and it was just a fun day out.

I watched Ant-man 3 on Disney+ with my oldest son for our movie night. He gets to stay up late on the weekend and I can be a cool dad for a few hours 😛 The movie was okay, it ended differently than I expected but there was stuff in there that didn’t make sense, and just put it aside to enjoy the movie. I did have to explain a lot to my son when seeing the post-credit scene. While he watched almost everything like me there are some connections he didn’t pick up on.

Battleborn had its anniversary and has made somewhat of a revival. Good to see people celebrating this game. There is a Battleborn Petition in the hopes that Gearbox Software will bring this game back. I don’t know if they will “simply” reactivate the servers but this petition can also act as the first push towards a sequel.

Just wrote a blog going over my highlights of the Summer Games Fest and Xbox Showcase. With this website, I have always gone very in-depth on specific games but never talked much about other stuff out there. I have been thinking about adding some blogs that talk about other games I play but don’t have their own HUB packed with in-depth content.


Welcome to the invisible updates section. I optimized a lot of stuff in the background of the site which should help make content more accessible. I also tweaked the main page and some Hubs on the site. These are all like “minor details” that I would need to point out because you won’t notice it but because it is there they do help you on your journey.

I have been trying to educate myself and do research on how to level up the site. There are things that I want but other things I don’t know how to implement.


Borderlands 3 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands both have these big articles that cover every aspect of the game, however, when Borderlands 2 was released I wasn’t making that type of content yet. My site has really evolved in that sense and I have been spending some time making up for that. There are still a lot of folks that play Borderlands 2 and therefore, I’m adding more content to that HUB.

I have been going through my old Borderlands 2 content and I noticed I missed some SHiFT Codes. For some reason, the Assault on Dragon Keep Heads & Skins were never added to the site.

There was some interesting Borderlands Movie info by the actor who plays Marcus.

I enhanced a few Borderlands 3 Guides to better help new and veteran players.

EpicNNG made a cool reimagination of a classic Borderlands map that I had to give some love to.

Worked on some exciting Borderlands 4 content that looks ahead at what’s to come.

Immortals of Aveum

I found the controls for Immortals of Aveum and created an overview so you can quickly jump into the game when it drops.

There was a preview event for Immortals of Aveum and the embargo finally dropped so I did a lot of research on all the footage that was published. I watched over 32 youtube videos as creators could record their own footage.

Because of this info drop, I discovered more Magic Spells, different pre-fixes for gear, index 52/81 skills in the talent tree, and the crafting menu called The Forge.

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