Krieg appearing in 4th Borderlands 3 DLC?

Krieg the Psycho in 4th Borderlands 3 DLC
Krieg the Psycho in 4th Borderlands 3 DLC

DLC4 Teaser

During the Gearbox Main Theater show at PAX East 2020, Randy Pitchford not only revealed DLC2 and gave hints for DLC3, but he also teased DLC4. Randy hinted that we might be going to explore the head of Krieg the Psycho from Borderlands 2.

There is a character that I love and a lot of us love, that is not in Borderlands 3. And we think that the character deserves a showcase. And not just that character, there will be lots of characters, fan favorites, new and old. Basically, the hint that I’ll give you is – and this isn’t locked in stone yet, so don’t crucify me later for changing things as we just are getting started on this – we are going to see what’s like to be inside the head of the wildest psycho we know. – Randy Pitchford

Krieg’s Claptastic Voyage

The premise of this hint sounds a bit like the Claptastic Voyage DLC that we got for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. In that story campaign add-on, we got to explore the mind of Claptrap. As you got digitized and send into Claptrap’s software in search of the mysterious “H-Source” code. Along the way, you also discovered Claptrap’s hopes, dreams, fears, and stupidity.

The interesting thing about Krieg is that he has 2 voices, one outraged Psycho on the outside and one calm and gentle voice on the inside. We first got introduced to this in the Borderlands 2 short: A Meat Bicycle Built for Two.

If you explored Borderlands 3, you can find echologs from Krieg. In these, we learn that Krieg has locked himself away in a cave and doesn’t want to return to “her” in his current state. However, the Psycho part of his head doesn’t want to get sane anytime soon.

From the ‘Meat Bicycle Built for Two’ short, you find out that Krieg and Maya have a thing going. But there is also an Echolog where Maya and Krieg speak to each other and Maya says Krieg is more than just a Psycho to her. However, she has to leave for Athenas but promises that she will be back. But we know what happened to Maya in the main story of Borderlands 3. So……. I wonder how pissed Krieg will be and which struggles he is going through. In Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina needed to coop with the death of Roland. She did that through a game of Bunkers and Badasses in the Assault on Dragons Keep DLC, which was an awesome Story Campaign add-on for Borderlands 2 btw.

I would love to see a new DLC where Gearbox turns everything on its head. Nothing is as you expect it and they will break the fourth wall. It would be awesome if Maya made an appearance in the fourth DLC. Maybe we get to relive some special memories between the two.

Let me know what you would expect from a DLC like this?

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  1. Star Mike

    Soo can’t wait to see what his updated design will look like 👀👀

  2. Lexi Baldauf

    The moment I heard Randy say that I was the happiest girl in the world. Krieg is my favourite character ever, and I said he deserves his own dlc since bl2, I had hoped so much they would use his potential. I just wish Maya was still there 😥 the echoes in bl3 killed me 😭

    • MentalMars

      Maybe Krieg gets some visions of Maya throughout the DLC. Making it possible to be there.

    • Lexi Baldauf

      MentalMars I hope there’ll be some flashbacks including Maya – or maybe even a way to bring her back? Her death was so “thanos”…well, a girl can dream 😥
      To me it sounded like it may be a mix of claptastic voyage and the simultation to save Vaughn’s bandit friend. So excited for this meat bicycle ride 🤩

  3. aimitch™ 

    We want Sal…

  4. Caïus Romus


  5. Lexi Baldauf

    I’ve wanted this since bl2 and I was so happy when Randy hinted at it.

    I hope it’s a really long dlc, I would love to see Krieg’s origin, like how he was before he was a psycho as well as how he became a psycho – hyperion slag experiments? Did they intend to create a psycho like Krieg or was it just some self protection that hit in when he couldn’t take it anymore?

    I want to see some of the things that happened after bl2 and the Lilith dlc, when Maya clearly was around.

    I wanna see how he got along after she went to Athenas, and how he’ll deal with finding out she’s dead 😭

    And I would so wish for a way to bring her back somehow.
    If someone deserves a happy end it’s Krieg. He tried so damn hard for her.

    And for the fun of it I want a side mission where we collect parts to build a meat bicycle.

    • MentalMars

      Lexi Baldauf i forgot about the slag experiment.

      I wonder if we get visions of Maya or events from the past.

      Building a meat bicycle sounds like fun

  6. beya 🤖💕


  7. DrDavidHuxley

    It sounds like based on the “inside the mind” comments this could be another Claptastic voyage type thi…

  8. lee robinson

    I want conformation on wether or not kreig is actually tiny tinas dad its been a theory for years


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