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Let’s Call Randy and Asks the Borderlands 3 release date – NerdvanaLive eps1 Overview

Let's Call Randy and Asks the Borderlands 3 release date - NerdvanaLive eps1 Overview

Gearbox Software President, Randy Pitchford, and New Media Manager, Elisa Melendez, hosted a new talkshow where people could call in and talk about the latest and greatest in games and entertainment. You guessed it of course there were fans that called in to check up on the developments of Borderlands 3.

Here is an overview of NerdvanaLive eps1.

  • Randy Pitchford responded to the questions and confirmed that they are working on more Borderlands and a lot of work is going on right now. But they haven’t announced anything yet. They want to work out more of the details before they make a proper announcement. Because things change during the course of development and if things change that already have been announced then that leads to some tough situations. So it’s about meeting expectations but also managing expectations. But Randy is glad that people are so excited about their work.
  • Randy mentions that he doesn’t like when sequels deviate too much from the original and then kill the thing that made the game great in the first place. While this doesn’t confirm any definitive direction the next Borderlands will be going. But it does give insight into the way Randy thinks and where he stands on his preferences.
  • Randy is working on a character for an announced game that was inspired by Gearbox’s lawyer.  The lawyer can’t program games but he does have some drawing skills and the guy drew a character. But when he started improving him, Randy found this really funny. So Randy started riffing on this character and is looking if he can put it into the announced game. It won’t be the main character but he will probably be in more of a side mission. It won’t be Crazy Earl’s level of involvement, but still, it is fun to see where ideas can come from.
  • As a gamer, Randy Pitchford is happy with Destiny 2 and as a developer, he feels confident.
  • On the question, of whether the Borderlands community should start getting excited and get the hype train going Randy dodge the question and said that he cannot tell people how to feel.
  • If Gearbox would announce a new game in a franchise, like Borderlands or Brothers in Arms, where they have the control,  they would announce it when they got it, the game would probably be in a post-Alpha state. They want to announce when they have a game that meets expectation and the only way to do that is to already have it.
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