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Level Cap Increase and New Guardian Rank Perks Coming to Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Level 60 Increase
Borderlands 3 Level 60 Increase

New details about the Phase 2 update have been revealed during the BorderCast. Mitsu and Tessachka had the chance to interview the Gearbox Developers, Graeme Timmins and Nick Thurston about the upcoming changes. They confirmed the level cap would be increased from 57 to 60. Now you will have 3 additional skill points to spend. Don’t worry your OPQ-System will still wreck.

You will also be able to obtain 3 new Guardian Perks when this patch hits. I’m happy with the ‘Lead or Alive’ perk. I can’t even count how many times I have died because I needed to reload my weapon anymore.

  • GroundBreaker
    • Enforcer Perk
    • Melee attacks or Slams will trigger an Aftershock, dealing 25% of all non-melee damage you have dealt over the last 5 seconds.
  • Dead Man Walking
    • Survivor Perk
    • While not moving in ‘Fight for Your Life’ your meter drains 50% more slowly.
  • Lead or Alive
    • Hunter Perk
    • When you enter ‘Fight For Your Life’ all your guns are automatically reloaded.


  • Timestamps
    • 0:00 – Pre-loading
    • 9.45 – Show Starts
    • 21:19 – Interview
    • 40:50 – Interview After-thoughts
    • 46:46 – 1 Year BorderCAST anniversary

Other Phase 2 updates

  • Action Skill Damage, Melee Damage, Slides, Slams, Grenade Mods, Pets/Iron Bear/ Digi-Clone, Weapon Vendors, Quest Rewards, and Mail Items will now all scale with Mayhem Mode.
  • Class Mods can now roll with increased Action Skill Damage
  • Shields don’t scale with Mayhem Mode. Enemy damage doesn’t increase with higher Mayhem Levels. The damage is the same on M1 and M10.
  • More info will be revealed when the patch notes drop
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