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Level up your character in Godfall with Ascension Levels

Godfall Ascension Levels
Godfall Ascension Levels

Ascension Levels

With the Primal Update, Counterplay Games added a new way to level up your character once you reach the level cap in Godfall. With Ascension Levels, you are able to obtain new Ascension Powers and Ascension Bonuses. These are a great way to power up your character for the endgame content. Because the Primal Update also revamped the Tower of Trials and Dreamstones in the game. Giving you new ways to play and reach godlike powers.

With the new Detailed Player Stats Screen, you can see all the stats of your character and how the new Primal Items enhance your performance.

Godfall Detailed Player Stats Screen
Godfall Detailed Player Stats Screen

Power Up After Reaching the Level Cap

  • Ascension Levels: After you have reached the level cap, gaining experience allows you to reach up to 450 Ascension Levels
  • Bonuses and Powers: Reaching new Ascension Levels allows you to unlock Ascension Bonuses and Ascension Powers, traits that are applied to all of your Valorplates

Customize Your Late-Game Progression

  • Ascension Bonuses: Gain a point every time you reach a new Ascension Level. Spend these points to unlock Ascension Bonuses, traits that improve your stats and skills. The more bonuses you unlock, the more options to choose from become available.
  • Ascension Powers: Every 25 Ascension Levels, unlock another Ascension Power. Each Ascension Power gives you the option between two powerful traits, and your choices can be modified at any time.
  • Customize Your Traits: Choose which bonuses and powers to unlock based on your preferences and playstyle. With hundreds of traits to unlock, there are many different ways to customize your late-game builds.
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