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Borderlands 3 “Loot the Universe” Event Returns

Borderlands 3 Loot the Universe Event
Borderlands 3 Loot the Universe Event

Loot the Universe Remix

Gearbox Software and 2K Games are celebrating the Borderlands franchise during the Month of Mayhem with a good old “Loot the Universe” event. However, this isn’t your classic event but a special Remix Edition because the event now extends to the DLC locations. Each week you will have an increased chance of getting legendary loot from each planet. Every zone on each of the planets will have a specific type of legendary item assigned to them.

The Loot the Universe event will start on Sept 7, 2023

Loot the Universe 2023 Schedule

Loot the Universe Remix 2023 Dropzones

Each map will have increased legendary drops for a specific gear type. For example, in the Droughts, you will be able to find more legendary pistols and in The Splinterlands you will be able to find more SMGs.

Loot The Universe 2023 Remix has different loot drops compared to previous events.


  • Desolation’s Edge: Shotguns
  • Tazendeer Ruins: SMGs & Grenades
  • Pyre of Stars: Assault Rifles
  • Scryer’s Crypt: DLC 6 Items inc. Re-Volter
  • Gradient of Dawn (Survival): COMs & Assault Rifles
  • Skydrowned Pulpit (Fervor): Shotguns
  • Ghostlight Beacon (Cunning): Assault Rifles
  • Hall Obsidian (Supremacy): Artifacts & Heavy Weapons
  • Precipice Anchor (Discipline): Pistols
  • Wayward Tether (Instinct): Snipers & Shields

Guide: How to unlock each Proving Ground

Krieg’s Mind


  • Droughts: Assault Rifles & Artifacts
  • Ascension Bluff: Heavy Weapons
  • Devil’s Razor: SMGs & COMs
  • Konrad’s Hold: Grenades & Assault Rifles
  • Splinterlands: Snipers
  • Carnivora: Shotguns
  • Guts of Carnivora: Pistols & Shields
  • Cathedral of the Twin Gods: SMGs
  • Karass Canyon: DLC 6 Items



  • Meridian Outskirts: Pistols & Artifacts
  • Meridian Metroplex: SMGs
  • Lectra City: Shotguns & Grenades
  • Atlas HQ: Shotguns & Shields
  • Athenas: COMs & Snipers
  • Skywell-27: Assault Rifles
  • Neon Arterial: Launchers & Snipers
  • Eschaton Row: DLC 6 Items

Handsome Jackpot


  • Floodmore Basin: ARs and Grenades
  • The Anvil: Shotguns and Shields
  • Jakobs Estate: SMGs
  • Voracious Canopy: Launchers and COMs
  • Ambermire: Pistols and Artifacts
  • Blackbarell Cellars: Snipers and DLC 6 items
  • Enoch’s Grave: DLC 6 Items


Original 2020 + 2021 Dropzones

These are the enhanced dropzones from the previous two “Loot the Universe” events from back in April 2020, and August 2021.


  • Droughts: COMs & SMGs
  • Ascension Bluff: Sniper Rifles
  • Devil’s Razor: Assault Rifles & Grenade Mods
  • Konrad’s Hold: SMGs
  • Splinterlands: Pistols
  • Carnivora: Assault Rifles & Shields
  • Guts of Carnivora: Heavy Weapons
  • Cathedral of the Twin Gods: Artifacts & Shotguns


  • Meridian Outskirts: Shotguns
  • Meridian Metroplex: Snipers, Artifacts
  • Lectra City: SMGs
  • Atlas HQ: ARs, COMs
  • Athenas: Pistols, Shields
  • Skywell-27: Heavy Weapons, Grenade Mods
  • Neon Arterial: Shotguns


  • Floodmoor Basin: Pistols & COMs
  • The Anvil: SMGs
  • Jakobs Estate: Assault Rifles & Shields
  • Voracious Canopy: Snipers
  • The Ambermire: Shotguns & Grenade Mods
  • Blackbarrel Cellars: Heavy Weapons & Artifacts


  • Desolation’s Edge: Heavy Weapons & COMs
  • Tazendeer Ruins: ARs & Artifacts
  • Pyre of Stars: SMGs
  • Gradient of Dawn (Survival): Shotguns
  • Skydrowned Pulpit (Fervor): Sniper Rifles & Shields
  • Ghostlight Beacon (Cunning): Pistols
  • Hall Obsidian (Supremacy): ARs
  • Precipice Anchor (Discipline): SMGs & Grenade Mods
  • Wayward Tether (Instinct): Heavy Weapons

Guide: How to unlock each Proving Ground

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