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March 2024 Channel Update

March 2024 Channel Update

Hey and welcome to another Channel Update. In these blogs, I want to give you an update on what has been going on in my life and on the website as I strive to create a kickass resource for you.


  • My youngest son needed some medication but it tasted awful. So there was this struggle 3 times a day, to convince him to take the antibiotics. When you talked to him, he understood it was better for him to take the medicine but he refused to drink it. We couldn’t mask the awful taste of these liquid antibiotics by mixing them with other fluids as the flavor was so overwhelming. It was a draining process but he is getting better.
  • I have been learning new web design skills and hope to implement them in the upcoming site.
  • Not much gaming this month. I got 3 hours in RiftBreakers and a few hours in Lego City Undercover with my youngest son. Also, trying to be a good dad for my oldest son but teenagers like their independence. He’s trying to beat all FNAF games.


MentalMarsV4: I have been busy working on the new site but setting everything up has been challenging as there is no predefined template. This is good as I can create a tailored experience, however, styling things and implementing all the dynamic data has been time-consuming for me. I also noticed a few bugs in the plugins I’m using and am working with those developers to iron those out.

Push Notifications! In the previous update, I already mentioned that I had to switch to a new Push Notification service as the old one wasn’t supported by its developer anymore and Google is changing its data to which the Push Notification Plugin was hooked.

I implemented a new Push Notification service, however, this one had some subscriber limitations (30k) unless you started paying hundreds of dollars per month. Something that’s not realistic for this site and the previous service had over 125k registrations. Luckily the company running the service had a unique lifetime deal that let me push the number of subs to 420k. So this costs me a few hundred dollars but it was a better deal than paying $125 per month to get a 250k sub list.

I hope you will consider subscribing to the new push notification service as this lets me ping you when important news drops. Currently, that’s the Borderlands 3 Black Market location and new SHiFT Codes but when Borderlands 4 is announced I’ll be able to immediately drop all the HOT NEWS!


  • New SHiFT Codes are still being added quickly I notice I’m often faster than other outlets.
  • The Black Market Location still gets updated each week. In the last several weeks you are also able to watch a video guide where I show you the location and the loot.
  • The cover image of the novel; Borderlands Debt or Alive has been revealed.
  • I have a bunch of Borderlands topic ideas for new articles written down, however, I would love to finish the new site first.

Others HUBs

  • Immortals of Aveum:
    • No new updates yet.
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:
  • Redfall:
    • Nothing new. Someone has spotted a new Branch in the Redfall SteamDB, so they are cooking something up but nothing is released yet.
  • Battleborn:
    • I helped out Lowlines who is working on a new Launcher for Battleborn Reborn. Fun project and I’m happy to see we still are much in sync 🙂
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