Mayhem Event – Borderlands 3

Mayhem Event - Borderlands 3
Mayhem Event - Borderlands 3

This week there will be a new Mayhem event in Borderlands 3. It will begin on Tuesday, October 22 at 3:00 PM PDT. In order to participate, you should hang in the main menu for a little while. There a micro-patch will be downloaded and applied with the relevant data. During the event, there will be an increased drop chance for Anointed gear. You will also gain more XP and have less trouble earning that as the penalty modifiers in Mayhem Mode have been reduced.

On the other side, if you are not playing but watching Borderlands 3 on twitch you can enjoy the amped-up ECHOcast features. The Badass Viewer Events will accrue more often and you as a viewer have more control as Gearbox as accelerated voting periods. In addition, Rare Chest Events will now have a 100% guaranteed win rate this week instead of the usual one-in-four chance.

So whenever you are playing or watching have fun getting badass loot.

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  1. Vault Hunter Chaos

    Before Bloody Harvest dropped the annointed gear was amazing. I don’t like the terror rolls mixed with…


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