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Borderlands 3 Event ‘Mayhem Made Mild’

Mayhem Made Mild Borderlands 3 Event
Mayhem Made Mild Borderlands 3 Event

The series anniversary events for Borderlands 3 are still in full motion. This week Gearbox Software enabled the event ‘Mayhem Made Mild’. During this activity, you will only be able to get easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode. These easy modifiers don’t really increase the difficulty but they work in your favor. Because you get more modifiers on the higher difficulty tiers you can enjoy up to 4 easy modifiers at the same time. It’s definitely Mayhem Made Mild but this crazy setup does enhance the mayhem and gives you an over the top experience and that is like a staple for the Borderlands franchise. Here is the list of easy modifiers.


  • Galaxy Brain: Enemy head size is increased by +100%. You know what that means: easier crits!
  • Speed Demon: Who needs cars when you’ve got kills? After killing an enemy, Movement Speed is increased by 50% for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
  • Lootsplosion: Killing an enemy has a 10% chance to cause a LOOTSPLOSION. Critical Kills guarantee an enemy will lootsplode.
  • More Than Okay Boomer: Grenade Damage is increased by 25%. Additionally, enemies drop grenade ammo when they die. WARNING: Grenades may be live!
  • Slayer: Non-boss enemies below 15% total armor, shields, and health glow blue, and will explode into shield and health boosters if damaged by melee.
  • Big Kick Energy: Gun Damage is increased by 25% but Recoil is increased by 100% and Weapon Spread is increased by 100%. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride….

Mayhem Made Mild

  • Starts: September 9, 2021
  • End: September 16, 2021
  • Event: Only Easy Modifiers in Mayhem Mode.
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