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Mayhem Mode 2.0 is Being Fine-Tuned – Borderlands 3

Fine-Tuning Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode 2.0

Gearbox Software Will Fine-Tune Mayhem Mode 2.0

Since the release of Mayhem Mode 2.0, Gearbox Software has been receiving a lot of community feedback. Therefore, they will make a bunch of improvements to the game. These adjustments will roll out in 2 phases. While some tweaks are “easily” implemented, others need further testing and therefore will be added to the game in the second phase.


  • Mayhem Level Scaling
    • health, armor, and shield stat bonuses will be lowered on higher difficulty settings.
  • Gear Scaling
    •  over- and underperforming gear will be tweaked so that more gear is viable and balanced.
  • Mayhem Level on Item Cards
    • The items Mayhem Level will be displayed on the item card in the area where the Anoints are shown.


  • Scale non-weapon sources
    • This will scale Action Skill damage (including pets and Iron Bear), Melee/Slam/Slide Damage, and Vehicle Damage.
  • Mayhem Level Grenade Mods
    • Grenade Mods will now also receive Mayhem Bonus Damage per Mayhem Level just like Mayhem Weapons
  • Class Mods
    • Class Mods will get Skill Damage Boosts and introduce powerful bonuses to Action Skills that will help with new builds
  • Anointments
    • Anointments are being adjusted to enable a more even playing field between them all
  • Mayhem Loot in Chests and Vending Machines
    • Currently, Chests and Vending Machines do not spawn gear for that level of Mayhem. This fix is planned for Phase 2 at the moment of writing.
  • Restore Disabled Modifiers
    •  A few Mayhem Modifiers were causing issues. These will be fixed and optimized.


  • Fight for Your Life (Patch 1)
    • Your movement will be reduced when you are being revived so you don’t move out of range.
    • A better indication of when you are being revived.
    • Reviving goes faster when multiple players help out.
  • Loot Sources Reworked (Future Patch)
    •  Named Enemy Loot Pools will be spread out in a future patch.
  • Eridium usage
    • Veteran Rewards machine will have quest rewards after completion of that specific mission
    • Eridian Fabricator will consume more Eridium with each shot as the legendary drop rate increases.


It’s great seeing all these upcoming changes to Borderlands 3. There are a lot of community requested fixes in the pipeline and I love the idea of being able to get quest rewards from the Veteran Rewards Machine. With the rework of the legendary loot pools, farming should be more enjoyable as you will be able to obtain a specific item with more ease. The downside, I will need to rework all the item pages up on my site XD – MentalMars


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