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Miss Moxxi Returns in Borderlands 3?

Rumor goes that Moxxi's voice actor has mentioned that she would return for her roll in the next Borderlands. Let's dive into the facts
Moxxi Returns in Borderlands 3
Moxxi Returns in Borderlands 3

According to this Reddit post, Miss Moxxi will make her return in Borderlands 3. During ACen 2018 voice actress Brina Palencia would have mentioned that she would return to the role of Miss Moxxi in Borderlands 3. The post mentions several people claiming this to be true and another Reddit user is also backing this up.


Anime Central (ACen) is Chicago’s and the Midwest’s largest anime, manga, and Japanese popular culture convention. This year’s event took place from May 18th till May 20th. Brina Palencia who voices Miss Moxxi was listed as a guest of honor for this event and had several sessions scheduled during this 3-day event. When I checked Brina’s twitter-feed there are several messages from her where you can find her during the event. So with this information, we can confirm that she was at the event.

I couldn’t find any youtube videos from one of the panels Brina was listed for. Therefore I cannot get actual proof that this was said during one of the Q&A panels. Maybe those videos still need to be uploaded or maybe it’s something she said in the hallway.


For now, I need to file this in the Borderlands 3 rumors section. But when I think about returning characters for the next Borderlands game, then Moxxi is definitely one of them. She is such an iconic character for the franchise. Gearbox could easily bring her back by adding a bar or some kind of slaughter dome into the game. With Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Moxxi was part of the main story but she also provided Moxxtails that were basically time-based boosters. The design of the Borderlands games is that each feature in the game is tied to a specific character. Therefore you have Dr. Zed that is linked to the medical stations and Scooter is linked with the vehicles in the game. But if you played all the Borderlands games you also know that Gearbox does change up these characters from time to time.

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Moxxi makes an appearance in the Borderlands 3 announcement trailer.

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