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More Battleborn coverage from E3 2015

Battleborn E3 FI2

Gearbox Software and 2K Games announced multiple big presentations for Battleborn ahead of E3 2015, however, they had more opportunities to show off the game during the event. I once again, watched them all and hand-picked the most interesting interviews to list them here for your convenience.

Interview with Randy Pitchford about Battleborn

E3 2015: Twitch Booth | Battleborn, Microsoft HoloLens | #6 | 17.06.2015

Randy Pitchford introduces us to the story behind Battleborn. He will talk about the game’s modes, characters, and other features like Loot and Co-op. Randy is really hyped about the game and rapid-fires a ton of info about the game for 25 minutes.

Gearbox Takes Battleborn Beyond Borderlands

Gearbox Takes Battleborn Beyond Borderlands

Nerd Alert interviews Chris Thomas from 2K Games about Battleborn. They will talk about the Story Campaign, Factions, PvP, and how it will be different from Overwatch.

Battleborn’s fresh take on shooters isn’t what you’d expect

Battleborn's fresh take on shooters isn't what you'd expect

Gearbox Vice Presidents tell us what Battleborn is and its humor.

2K Games

Visiting 2K Games with ... Verne Troyer?! – UpUpDownDown at E3 2015

A brief interview with Chris Thomas from 2K Games about Battleborn (and other 2K Games). PvE + PvP.

Battleborn E3 2015 Gameplay

E3 2015 - Battleborn Live Gameplay

Over-the-shoulder gameplay showcasing Rath and Orendi on a shortened version of the map, The Void’s Edge.

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