More Rewards During the Proving Grounds Trials – Borderlands 3 Event

Trials Take-All - Borderlands 3 Event
Trials Take-All - Borderlands 3 Event

Trials Take-All Event

Simultaneously with the Slot Machine Mania, Gearbox Software is running another Borderlands 3 event. During the Trails Take-All event, your loot will get a boost. When completing a Proving Ground you will be rewarded with a special chest. The quality of the content is increased based on your performance during the Trial. However, the rewards were always a bit lackluster. Now during this event, the rewards awarded during the Proving Ground Trials have been boosted. Also, the Bosses will now have a 100% drop chance from their pools during the event.

The ‘Trails Take-All’ event will last from April 2nd, till, April 9th, 2020.

Proving Grounds Loot Pools

The bosses in the Proving Grounds have a high chance of dropping legendary class mods.


  • Breaker = Trial of Survival
  • Dragon = Trial of Cunning
  • Elementalist = Trial of Supremacy
  • Nimbus = Trial of Supremacy
  • Phasezerker =Trial of Fervor


  • Bounty Hunter = Trial of Fervor
  • Cosmic Stalker = Trial of Instinct
  • DE4DEYE = Trial of Cunning
  • Friend-Bot = Trial of Discipline
  • R4kk P4k = Trial of Cunning (M4)
  • Rakk Commander = Trial of Supremacy
  • Red Fang = Trial of Instinct


  • Bear Trooper = Trial of Instinct
  • Blast Master = Trial of Discipline
  • Bloodletter = Trial of Survival
  • Mind Sweeper = Trial of Cunning
  • Rocketeer = Trial of Discipline


  • Antifreeze = Trial of Discipline (M4)
  • Cold Warrior = Trial of Supremacy
  • Executor = Trial of Survival
  • Infiltrator = Trial of Instinct
  • Shockerator = Trial of Fervor
  • Techspert = Trial of Discipline

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