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More Storage Deck Upgrades in Borderlands 3

More Storage Deck Upgrades in Borderlands 3
More Storage Deck Upgrades in Borderlands 3

With the release of Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck, Gearbox Software also added new Storage Deck Upgrades (SDU) to the game. So head over to Marcus Munitions on Sanctuary 3 and bring a lot of cash with you as these SDUs are not cheap. You can purchase 2 more ammo SDU upgrades for pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and grenades. Then there are 2 expansion SDU upgrades for the Lost Loot machine.

If you paid close attention to the Fantastic Fustercluck Gameplay reveal, you could notice that the player was carrying more ammo then previously possible. So this teaser tipped us off. It was a good thing that there was also a ‘Making it Rain’ event just before this update. This gave us the ability to save up a lot of money ahead of time.

It’s great that we received these upgrades as a lot of us were running low on ammo when playing through the Guardian Takedown. We did discover a neat trick to replenish our ammo by using a cutpurse launchpad artifact. Every time you perform a slam the artifact will launch a barrage of missiles. As these count as melee damage, the Cutpurse prefix regenerates the ammo of your current weapon. Now you won’t have to rely as much on this trick.


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