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Moxxtails – Moon Moxxi’s Booze Buffs

During my play session with the Borderlands pre-sequel i found some Moonstones, a rare currency that replaces the eridian that we know from Borderlands 2. Within the description of the Moonstones it says that you can buy buffs with it. So when i had a interview at Gamescom with Borderlands franchise director Matt Armstrong and Tony Lawrence, Head of 2K Aus, i asked them about these buffs. I soon learned that they are something like the buffs we have encountered with the Tiny Tina Assault on Dragon Keep DLC, temporarily stats buffs that help you on your quest.

Moxxtails the Booze Buffs

Recently i discovered how these new buffs are going to work, they are the booze that we can buy at Moxxi’s bar. You might have seen them in one of the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Trailers standing on the counter. As you can see from the screenshot Moxxi is serving up 8 different kind of Moxxtails that you can drink each with a different kind of status increase. You will have to choose wisely because you can only have one boost active each time and they cost 10 Moonstones to drink up, and moonshine is a rare currency.

Moxxi's Bar Holding 8 Moxxtails

Moxxi’s Bar Holding 8 Moxxtails

You look like you need a stiff drink

Each of the Moxxtails will last 30 minutes and they come in a different variety of bonuses.

Penargilon Kangaroo

Engage your Relocation drive.

  • Fire Rate                                          +10%
  • Reload Speed                                  +10%
  • Weapon Swap Speed                     +20%

Brick’s Fist

Fit for your face

  • Melee Damage                               +30%

Hot Gazpacho

Take it away and bring back hot

  • Elemental Effect Chance             +20%

Squill Syrup

Part of a complete breakfast

  • Health Regeneration                     0.8%

Fanalian Toddy

Cures coughs and being shot

  • Damage Resistance                     +20%

Lemon Lime & Bullets

Quenches thirsty weapons

  • Ammo Regeneration                    +0.1

Gargle Blaster

The best drink in existence

  • Gun Damage                                   +10%

Replicated Kali-fal

Forcibly opens up the sinuses, sadly it’s a fake

  • O2 Consumption Rate                                   -33%
Moon Moxxi serving up Booze Buffs that are called Moxxtails

Moon Moxxi serving up Booze Buffs that are called Moxxtails

Moxxi’s Up & Over Bar

To sum things up 8 different Moxxtails that cost 10 Moonstones each. You can have only one boost active and that one will last for 30 minutes. So fast travel to Concordia and head over to Moxxi’s Bar, which is located to the right, bypass B4R-BOT and look at the counter, there you will find your poison and if you manage to drink them all you will get a achievement (10 Gamerscore)

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