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My 2023 New Years Resolution

My Goals For 2023
My Goals For 2023

I made some bold goals for 2022 and based on some of the trends those targets seemed obtainable, however, last year had other plans for me and my site. That said, even though there were obstacles on my path, I must say that I kicked ass in 2022.

2022 Boss Battles

There were two major battles in 2022 that I had to face. One impacted the site while the other impacted me.

The Mighty Algorithm: The growth numbers were a bit haltered by a Google Algorithm update. Multiple sites including my own saw a decrease in traffic from that.

Time & Energy: Work at the bakery was taking its toll in 2022. While the content for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was high in demand, my energy was at an all-time low. Content creation was slower than I wanted but there was just so much I could do.

During my spare time, I prioritized my website while also trying to regain my energy. I know that I posted a lot of content on social media in 2021 but that also fell flat in 2022.

2022 Achievements

The year 2022 wasn’t all that bad because I also managed to achieve a lot during that year.

Personal Growth: I was able to reenergize during my summer vacation and shift some things around in my life. This gave me a lot more time and energy to create content for you.

New HUBs: The site evolved again in 2022 as I believe the HUBs feel more like “Resources” now than “Blog” archives because key topics are now available from the main HUB.

Badass Members: I set out to create a membership program and realized that through Patreon. I’m very grateful to the badasses that are supporting me in this way. I’m planning to level up this aspect of the site.

More Games: For years, I would mainly cover 1 game from Gearbox Software. The current Borderlands game or Battleborn. I covered Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, New Tales From The Borderlands, and Redfall in 2022.

Site Growth: I published 620 articles in 2022 compared to 444 articles in 2021. While the total views were a bit lower in 2022 compared to 2021 due to the algorithm update, the number of actual people was higher in 2022. That said, the 1 million views per month is still a heck of an achievement and still holds up for 2022.

2023 Goals

Personal: I want to enjoy this year and have fun while I continue to level up the site. I definitely want to avoid those days where I’m so exhausted that I need to recover all day and fall asleep in my chair.

Content: I want to continue creating content for current games that are featured on my site. Redfall is going to launch this year, so I’ll be making a lot of content for that. But I’m also going to revisit my old content and HUBs and level them up as a lot of community members still play the older games. I’m also looking forward to Borderlands 4 and I have a bunch of awesome article ideas for it.

Social Media: I want to engage more with you on social media therefore I’m going to plan some content for that again as I did in 2021.

Video Content: My youtube channel got pushed to the back burner because I needed to focus more on my personal life. Creating video content is still something I want to do but I have been prioritizing my website. Also, I haven’t enjoyed recording voiceovers and this seems to be an obstacle on my journey.

Website: I want to get the site into great shape this year while I prepare for the future because I have some cool plans for it. I want to add more value, level up the experience, and add more (member) perks.

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