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My 2024 New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year 2024


I hope you are doing well and I want to thank you for supporting me! In my 2024 New Year’s Resolution, I want to look back at 2023 to give you a quick overview and set some expectations for 2024. If you want a more in-depth breakdown of my activities you can check out my Monthly Battlebread Channel Updates.

2023 Retrospect

2023 has been a pretty good year.

My goal was to level up the site and I have done a lot to achieve that and on top of that, I also launched several new HUBs. I knew there was some legacy content that needed to be updated and that I needed to fix some content gaps. There is still a lot I want to achieve for Borderlands and that’s an ongoing effort.

We didn’t see any new Borderlands releases in 2023 but I wanted to grow the site this year. Therefore, I took on 2 big releases. Sadly, Redfall and Immortals of Aveum didn’t have as much commercial success as anticipated. I did enjoy playing and creating content for these games. If I look at other Wikis, my site is the one with the most guides.

2023 Stats

2023 has set a new record for the most content written in the site’s history. The traffic was stable and on par with 2022. A Google Algorithm halfway through the year threw the site a bit off-course but recovered a few months later.

  • Posts: 657
  • Words: 253,6K
  • Views: 13M

2024 Goals

My goal for 2024 is to keep creating great content for you. I have no intention of slowing down because I want to elevate the site to a whole new level.

Personally: I want to continue the path that I’m on. unlike 2022, I’m not falling asleep in my chair anymore. 2023 did well and I want to add more focus in 2024.

Content: I don’t have any upcoming big game releases on my radar that I want to cover at the moment. There is always the hope for Borderlands 4 to be released but nothing has been announced regarding that. So when it does, I’m all over it but I’m determined to launch the next iteration of my site while supporting the current games.

Social Media: I want to engage more with you and the rest of the community on social media. I did manage to get more social media posts out there in 2023 and I’m going to continue that in 2024 but I feel I can do more in terms of interaction.

Video Content: My YouTube channel is still on the back burner. Creating video content is still something I want to do but I have been prioritizing my website.

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