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New Battleborn Patch Includes Borderlands Skins

Battleborn Gets Amazing Borderlands Skins

During the Inside Gearbox Panel at Pax West 2017 it’s confirmed that another update is coming to Battleborn and it will be released this fall. A tease about this was given in Battleplan 56 that mentioned that  some small updates would be  revealed at the main theater show. During the inside gearbox panel After a small introduction and a note on Borderlands 3 On stage New Media Manager Elisa Melendez revealed some of the content of the upcoming patch. Some of the content in this patch even got the crowd in the theater excited, because this  Patch will contain the long rumored Borderlands skins.

Fall Update Contains

  • 60 skins
  • New Multiplayer Map
  • Character Balance changes for all 30 heroes

Borderlands Skins for Battleborn

Some of this skins look really awesome and the name of Orendi’s Tiny Tina skin is really clever; “Playing with the Ashes”, as the voice actor for both characters is Ashly Burch.

  • Alani = Impending Storm = Maya
  • Caldarius = J-HTX-M1 “Katagawa = Maliwan Branded
  • El Dragón = Bicicleta de Carne = Bandit
  • ISIC = I’m Actually Quite Depredded! \o/ = Claptrap (inc. new Voices)
  • Orendi = PLAY WITH THE ASHES = Tiny Tina
  • Rath = Art of Deception = Zero (inc. new Voices)


Alani as Maya - Battleborn x Borderlands 2 Skin

Alani as Maya – Battleborn x Borderlands 2 Skin

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  1. How is Galilea not getting an Athena Skin?

  2. I guess Imma be spending another 60 dollars getting all of these borderlands skins.. LOL

    • Well maybe watch one of enasni’s battleborn streams i heard she would be snatching a bunch of those shift codes for free skins 😉

    • Still no Ernest in a rubber chicken suit though. ;_;

  3. Jamal McCoy Davion Perkins

  4. That rath skin ?

  5. Ya se en que gastar los dineros 😀
    ahi me dices cuales quieres por si lo hacen me meto a tu cuenta a comprarlos.
    David Ohlmeye

  6. I don’t get caldarius’s skin. ??‍♂️

  7. El Dragon isn’t just a “bandit,” he’s dressed up as Krieg!
    Skin name is “Bicicleta de Carne,” or Meat Bicycle.

  8. Nifty!


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