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New Borderlands Movie Set Photo Reveals Interesting Details

Borderlands Film Set Photo

Ariana Greenblatt posted a new Behind-the-Scenes photo from the upcoming Borderlands Movie. She posted this crew picture in celebration of Mother’s Day. In earlier interviews, Ariana mentioned that she gained a new family during the production of the Borderlands film. The image in question shows her with Cate Blanchett (who plays Lilith), Gina Gershon (who plays Moxxi), and Jamie Lee Curtis (who plays Tannis).

My Perspective + Analysis

The cast may have received some heat on social media but you can see that they are having a great time. Hopefully, this is also reflected in the movie. While Florian Munteanu is not part of this group photo, you can see him in the background enjoying himself while someone else helps him with his Krieg outfit.

This photo was taken in Moxxi’s Bar, while Moxxi did appear in the reveal trailer, we didn’t get a look at her establishment. The neon sign has a different design than what we have seen in the Borderlands games.

Other Neon signs are the lips in the top right or at least 1 of the lips. But if you look on the top left side, you see something hanging from the selling. Well, if you zoom in and flip the image, you see 2 neon hearts in the reflection.

You can see someone wearing a Hyperion Shirt just behind Cate/Lilith. Also, there is some kind of yellow travel bag on the ground or it is the Claptrap reference bot, however, that would be a bit small I think.

In the left bottom corner, you can see a bottle on a table. The red shape looks like a hat reminiscent of Moxxi’s hat and next to that is the letter M, so I think we have our Moxxi Brand liquor here.

Tannis A Siren in Borderlands Movie

Tannis is rocking her Echo Device and her bag containing 2 books. But what’s weird is the blue glow on her hand. Yes, there is a blue light in the background but nothing else has such a blue glow even her glasses that are super reflective don’t have that. If I inspect the arm up closer, there are some rounded shapes present. Did they try and photoshop out some Siren Tattoos and forget a spot? I Checked some photos from Jamie Lee Curtis and it seems she has light-pigmented spots on her arm.

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