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New COV Alternative Universe Cosmetics for Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 COV Alternative Universe Cosmetics
Borderlands 3 COV Alternative Universe Cosmetics

New Alternate Universe Skins

The Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 are getting new alternate universe skins. This time they show how they would have looked if our Vault Hunters would have joined the COV.  The Disciples of the Vault multipack has a unique body and head customization for each of the Vault Hunters.

You can purchase these skins as a separate package or they come as part of Season Pass 2. When you purchased Borderlands 3 the Ultimate Edition you also get these cool cosmetics. The Disciples of the Vault multipack will be available on March 18.

March 18 is also the same day the Director’s Cut will become available.  This 6th DLC package will provide you with new missions; Ava’s Murder Mysteries, new challenges; Vault Cards, a big Raid Boss –  Hemovorous the Invincible, and behind-the-scenes extras.

Borderlands 3 COV Skins

COV Skin Lore

Amara: Sinister Sister
Initially drawn by the Calypsos’ offers of insights to her Siren gifts, Amara comes to view the COV as scrappy rebels banded together against the armies of the corporations. After Amara demonstrates her loyalty and usefulness on the battlefield, Tyreen allows her to keep her Siren abilities in the capacity of Sinister Sister, a holy avatar of Tyreen’s will.

On their never-ending quest to find Death, FL4K determines that the Children of the Vault brush shoulders with her every day. After seeing how zealously the COV hunt the Vaults, killing and dying in droves, FL4K resolves to join the bloody crusade, hoping to get closer to their quarry. Over time, FL4K comes to be seen as an omen of destruction. Where they go, Death is sure to follow.

Moze: Saint of Iron
Ambushed by an army of COV looking to steal Iron Bear, Moze single-handedly decimates their forces. Survivors spread tales in hushed whispers of the Saint whose bullets chewed through them like lead locusts. When some COV begin making pilgrimage to have her bless them and their weapons, Moze, nostalgic for the camaraderie and community she enjoyed in Vladof’s ranks, fully adopts the role of “Saint of Iron.”

Zane: Bane Flynt
In an effort to evade powerful enemies that may have followed him to the Borderlands, Zane infiltrates the COV, hoping to lose himself in their nameless ranks. However, he can only live among the bandits for so long before becoming one. The blood of a Flynt still runs in his veins, and Zane picks up the mantle as his brothers before him to become the bandit clan leader known as “Bane Flynt.”

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