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New Godfall Edition Challenges Players

Godfall: Challenger Edition - Reveal | PS5, PS4

Godfall Challenger Edition – Direct to Endgame

Godfall Challenger Edition is the most accessible version of Godfall to date. Counterplay Studios wanted to provide a way for you to jump straight into the action with your friends, getting immediate access to Godfall’s most exciting features right from the start: the endgame and creating powerful, exciting builds. The new players that are joining Godfall through the Challenger Edition will be able to play with existing players with the base game content, so be nice and show them the way!

If you have the Challenger Edition, you will not have access to the full range of Godfall activities; Story Missions, Hunts, and Explore the Realm activities are part of the full version of Godfall and can be easily unlocked and played through by upgrading to the Deluxe Version in your platform store, which also includes the Fire & Darkness expansion.

Boost to Level 50

Challenger Edition owners won’t be the only ones with immediate access to endgame content, however; owners of the full game will also be able to create new characters at level 50 OR boost existing characters under level 50 to the level cap. All characters reaching level 50 in this way will receive a set of level-appropriate gear to jump right into endgame content.


All players now have access to Quests, a new set of goals to pursue and obtain powerful rewards. Quests can be accessed via the Personal Menu.

Quests Overview

  • Quests are made up of 8 randomized objectives to complete specific activities in Godfall, such as finding treasure chests or defeating bosses. Complete enough quest objectives to select one of three legendary items.
  • Completing quest objectives award different amounts of quest progress based on their difficulty, as well as additional resources.
  • Completed quest objectives are automatically replaced with another objective or can be rerolled by paying a small Electrum fee.
  • Reach 100% quest progress to collect your reward!

Target Specific Loot

Each quest rewards three different versions of the same legendary item to pick from, each with different stats that fit different playstyles. However, you can better target your rewards by duplicating an existing item and receiving one of three new rolls of the existing item. Replacing rewards in this fashion retains any item mutations (Cursed, Primal), making it easier than ever to chase the perfect version of an item for your builds.

Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Enhanced Story Rewards – New cosmetic rewards have been added for defeating each of the Godfall campaign’s story bosses, providing an additional bonus for completing these missions for the first time.
  • Repeatable Story Missions – Story missions have been updated so that players can experience them as many times as they’d like, whether it’s to master specific encounters or to receive new rewards.
  • Mutually Exclusive Trait Prevention – Items will no longer drop with certain combinations of traits that cause one or more traits to be ineffective, such as Cololaba’s Legacy rolling with primary traits requiring both Vitality and Spirit to be the highest stat.
  • Skip Tutorial – Players can now skip the initial tutorial via an option in the start menu if they wish to jump right into the action.
  • Codex Overhaul – The Gameplay section of the Codex has been overhauled to provide more detailed descriptions and helpful tips for Godfall’s various game modes (Dreamstones, Ascended Tower of Trials, Lightbringer).
  • Tower of Trials Bane Balancing –Banes in Ascended Tower of Trials have been rebalanced to make the AToT experience feel more consistent and less punishing to specific builds.
    • Old Wound – “Your Evade window is 50% shorter. Lose 2% Health (down from 5%) whenever you Evade.”
    • Wounded Reflexes – “Your Parry window is 50% shorter. Lose 4% Health (down from 5%) whenever you Block or Parry.”
    • Ability Punishments – “Lose ability charge (reduced by 20%) whenever you take damage. Lose 2% Health (down from 10%) whenever you use an ability.”
    • Low Stamina – “You take 100% more damage (up from 50%) while sprinting.”
    • Easily Winded – “You take 50% more damage while sprinting. Gain Corruption while sprinting.” This bane has been removed and replaced with “You take 300% more damage while sprinting.”
    • Polarized Duelist – “Weakpoints are invisible unless you are Polarized.” This bane has been removed and replaced with “-50% Weakpoint damage unless you are Polarized.”
    • Magnetic Duelist – “Weakpoints are invisible unless you are Polarized. You and your allies become Shocked whenever you perform a Polarity attack.” This bane has been removed and replaced with “-80% Weakpoint damage unless you are Polarized.”
    • Berserker Rage – “Weapon Technique charge degenerates except during Rampage.” This bane has been removed.
    • Burning Rage – “Weapon Technique charge degenerates except during Rampage. Become Ignited whenever you enter Rampage.” This bane has been removed.
  • Salvage Improvements – we have made some targeted changes to the recently implemented salvage system based on community feedback:
    • Legendary items can no longer be mass salvaged
    • “Salvage All” has been renamed to “Salvage Marked Items” to make it more clear
    • Added a confirmation prompt when mass salvaging Primal/Awakened items, rare or higher Augments, or Epic or higher items of any type
    • Mass Salvage default setting has been changed to “All except Augments”
  • Unified Co-op Scaling – we have made some changes to the way the co-op experience scales in parties when playing Tower of Trials in order to unify the scaling behavior across the game. Previously, Tower of Trials scaled to the average level of all players in a party, often leading to a poor experience for everyone involved if there was a wide level gap between the highest and lowest level players in the party. Tower of Trials now scales to the host’s level, with other party members automatically increased or decreased in power depending on their level relative to the host. This will ensure that Tower of Trials remains a challenging and fun experience at all party levels, and matches how scaling is handled in the rest of the game. Please note that the scaling behavior of the Ascended Tower of Trials remains unchanged.
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