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Mayhem Level 11 is Now Available in Borderlands 3

Mayhem Mode Level 11 - Borderlands 3
Mayhem Mode Level 11 - Borderlands 3

New Mayhem Tier

Gearbox Software adds a new tier to Mayhem Mode 2.0. However, with Mayhem Level 11 you won’t be increasing the difficulty of the game but you are actually turning off the Mayhem Modifiers. So don’t worry that you have to grind all your favorite weapons all over again. This isn’t an artificial level cap increase to the loot but actually a community service.

A lot of community members have been enjoying Mayhem Mode, however, not everyone is a fan of the modifiers and requested the feature to turn them off. With M11, Gearbox Software shows that they are listening to community feedback and providing us the ability to disable the Mayhem Modifiers. Less Mayhem, Still M10 Loot!

Mayhem Level 11

When you are playing on Mayhem Level 11 you are actually playing on the M10 difficulty tier. Enemies still have the same increased health, shield, and armor but you won’t have any Mayhem Modifiers. The catch is that your rewards will be cut in half compared to M10. This is less than playing on Mayhem Level 8, which gives you 1 Easy modifier that basically helps you and 1 Very Hard Modifier that could make things difficult. However, rerolling 1 Very Hard Modifier isn’t as bad as rerolling 4 modifiers to get an acceptable set.

A noteworthy thing to say is that the increased loot chance only affects world drops and not dedicated drops that you farm at ‘set boss’.

LVL 11 in Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode
LVL 11 in Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode
Mayhem 8Mayhem 10Mayhem 11
Modifiers1 easy, 1 very hard1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard, 1 very hardNone
Mayhem 8 provides more loot than Mayhem 11 while not having to deal with a lot of Modifiers.

Note – August 9, 2022: Mayhem 11 is still bugged and you will get the same rewards as Mayhem 10.

Release Date

Mayhem Level 11 is a free update that will be available to everyone. It will be released on November 9, 2020, at the same time as the Designer’s Cut DLC. So you will be able to jump into the new content with this new difficulty level.

Personal Note

It once again shows that Gearbox Software and 2K Games are listening to community feedback, and I love it! Because this way they are giving us the ability to play the game how we enjoy it. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of all the modifiers. I don’t mind turning up the difficulty of the game but having the ability to select Mayhem Modifiers would have been great.

When I was playing through the story campaign add-ons, I always disabled Mayhem Mode because I wanted to experience the DLC for what it is and not have to deal with the Mayhem Modifiers. Then the need for the best loot kicks in and you go and farm the M10 version of the weapon.

M11 is providing me that, without needing to jump through hoops. Although M11 cutting the increased loot chance in half and I’m okay with that as I already thought Borderlands 3 was generous with their loot drops. I’m kinda old-school with that stuff but I understand as a parent that you don’t always have time to grind for hours.

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