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New Official Borderlands Podcast Series Announced

I was contacted by 2K Games ahead of time as I'm in their NextMakers program and received assets ahead of time in order to do this sponsored article.
Echoes From The Borderlands Podcast Announced
Echoes From The Borderlands Podcast Announced

Echoes from the Borderlands Announced

Gearbox Software announced an all-new podcast series called “Echoes from the Borderlands” that is centered on the Borderlands franchise and its legacy.

Echoes from the Borderlands will feature familiar faces, such as Randy Pitchford, founder of Gearbox Entertainment, and Anthony Burch, lead writer of some of your favorite Borderlands titles. But will also star other special guests like Lin Joyce (Managing Director of Narrative), Matt Ward (Cinematics Director), Joel Watson (Creative Producer), and Sam Winkler (Senior Writer).

The Podcast series will be starting on September 1 at 5 a.m. PT and there will be a new episode every Thursday at 5 a.m. PT.

Echoes from the Borderlands will be available on all major podcast platforms, including Gearbox Official’s YouTube channel, Spotify, Apple
Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio.

My Reaction

Screenshot of the Nerdvana Podcast with Randy Pitchford and Randy Varnell
Nerdvana Podcast with Randy Pitchford and Randy Varnell

I’m going to love this! The Bordercast and the Borderlands Show were great and I have always been a fan of these “war stories” on how games are made and the thoughts that went into the process. There are some popular YouTube series that cover the stories of various games and I find them fascinating.

Randy Pitchford has done the “Nerdvana Live Podcast” where he talked with one of the GBX Devs about (their) games and took questions live from the audience. He and the other co-hosts did a great job.

There have even been several occasions where the Gearbox developers talked about the creation of Borderlands.

During PAX Aus 2013, there was “An Evening with Gearbox” where Randy Pitchford, Antony Burch, Paul Hellquist, and Brian Martel talked about Borderlands 1 and 2, which revealed some interesting behind-the-scenes stories.

Matt Charles who was a producer on Borderlands 2 gave a guest class at SGDA UTD on his role during the development of the game. While this talk was very technical, I still enjoyed it.

The guest class from Ashly and Anthony Burch was more light-hearted were they dived into the creative process of Tiny Tina.

So all-in-all I’m looking forward to what they have in store for us. Season 1 of the Echoes from the Borderlands podcast is all about the Borderlands Collection Pandora’s Box. So that covers every current game. Hopefully, season 2 can dive into the Borderlands Movie, The Debt or Alive Book, and EchoVision.

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