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New Redfall Details Revealed During Fan Fest

Stella Chung from IGN interviewed Redfall’s Production Director, Ben Horne about their upcoming game. There are some cool bits of info in this developer interview but if you are fully up to date on the game, you will encounter some previously established details.

Don’t forget to check out the new trailer below!

IGN: In the Developer Direct, you showed off some of the loot in Redfall. What was the inspiration for this implementation and have you looked at other Looter-Shooters?

Arkane: Yeah, we wanted to make a game where people would immediately feel comfortable with the pieces of gear they found.

Snipers, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, etc all have rarities that unlock different weapon traits. We also wanted to add a unique spin on that with anti-vampire weapons like flares, stake launchers, and UV beams. Because vampires need to be defeated with special weapons.

IGN: It was also mentioned that everything in the open world was hand-crafted. Can you go more into detail on that and what challenges that brought?

Arkane: We had this goal to create the biggest world we ever made but still keep true to the Arkane DNA with environmental storytelling. You can find thousands of readables in the game that tell a story leading up to the events of Redfall.

IGN: With other Looter Shooters on the market, how is Redfall positioning itself to offer a unique experience?

Arkane: Redfall allows you to play the game in various ways. You can go guns blazing through the world but you can also take a stealth approach and take it all in. It’s a dynamic world and random events can happen in the distance. We think that’s a compelling way to play a game like this.

IGN: With a setting like this why did you take the looter shooter approach instead of a “Left 4 Dead” style with modding capabilities?

Arkane: Left 4 Dead is an awesome game but we wanted to make something different that has the Arkane DNA and focuses on world-building.

New Redfall Details Revealed During Fan Fest

IGN: Was Redfall always intended to be an open-world game or did it evolve into that type of experience during the development of the game?

Arkane: We always intended to be an Open-World and that was one of the exciting things about developing this Redfall.

IGN: Arkane Studios isn’t really a multiplayer game studio. How did you approach single-player builds while also balancing for multiplayer and why 4 players?

Arkane: That was also one of the goals we set for this game and it has its challenges. For example, we don’t tether players to each other so they go to all 4 edges of the map. However, we do reward people for staying together as you gain a buff that helps you defeat the vampires.

You can play Redfall solo without any bots but you can also play with up to four players in co-op which makes it almost like a party game as there are interactions and synergies between the Heroes.

IGN: You mentioned that Redfall plays more like Far Cry instead of Left 4 Dead but how does that reflect replayability once players completed the main story?

Arkane: Like other open-world experiences, there are no loading screens in the open-world areas in Redfall. You are challenged to complete these safe house missions in each of these maps and take back the neighborhood. Completing these missions rewards you with things that help you advance through the game.

For replayability, you can play the game on multiple difficulty modes, you are free to choose how you progress through Redfall. Play with friends, another character, or a different build.

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