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New Redfall Reveals During Developer Livestream

Redfall - Official Gameplay Deep Dive

Xbox and Bethesda presented a ‘Developer_Direct’ on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, in which they showcased their games that are coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass over the next few months. Redfall is one of the games that was featured during the presentation.

In the video above, you get a deep dive into the game as Arkane Austin shows off the world, a few missions, the Main Characters, Nests, Safe Houses, Enemies, and LOOT!

Things You Missed

  • World
    • The Ocean is frozen in time, creating a barrier to the outside world.
    • Some environmental objects can be destroyed, like planks.
    • Key Locations can be seen on a map and during the travel animations. I listed them in Safe Houses article.
  • Character
    • You can run and slide.
    • You can use your abilities alongside each other.
    • Skills in your Skill Tree have LVL Requirements and higher-tier skills cost more points.
    • Resetting your skill tree seems to be locked as indicated by the stop sign (Complete Story First?).
    • Multiple abilities of each hero are shown during the trailer. I detailed them on their individual character pages.
    • 2 More playable characters are being added as paid DLC.
  • Weapons
    • Weapons can have silencers on them for stealth gameplay.
    • Backpack space is shown when picking up an item.
    • Weapons have a rating (Weapon Score)
    • You can customize your weapon with skins.
    • You can add different blade attachments.
  • Loot
    • Batteries for your flashlight can be found.
    • Items that enemies drop are auto pickup, lootable items can be picked up/scrapped/equipped
  • Nests
    • replayable areas that are fairly procedural generated.
    • In order to destroy the heart you need to remove the strings.

My Thoughts

There is a lot of cool stuff in Redfall. I have made comparisons with Borderlands 3 but while there is an overlap, Redfall very much does its own thing.

The Nests are definitely a thing I’m looking forward to. If Arkane Austin knocks it out of the park with this, Nests can really be cool end-game content.

Reclaiming Safe Houses sounds really cool but what I’m curious about is the skull key that you obtain after defeating the neighborhood Vampire. Because this grants you access to a Red Door that kinda looks similar to the Blue Nest Door. Can you farm these Neighborhood Vampires and do they act as currency to fight a repeatable raid boss as you visit a Vampire God?

I’m looking forward to playing Redfall when it releases on May 2, 2023!

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