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New Skill Trees and Game Mode are Coming to Borderlands 3

New Skill Trees Borderlands 3

Additional DLC Beyond the Season Pass

Gearbox just announced at PAX Online that all the Vault Hunters are getting an additional skill tree including a new action skill. This content, alongside a new game mode, will be made available through a paid DLC package later this year. They haven’t announced a specific release date but I’ll keep you up to date when I receive new info.

Gearbox Software has talked a while about expanding the current Vault Hunters with new play styles rather than adding a new Vault Hunter to the character roster. Because the data from previous games showed that the majority of the players kept playing their first choice. Yeah, they will try out another Vault Hunter for a few levels but eventually end up with their initial choice. That’s why they opted for this solution. Having a new skill tree lets you come up with whole new ways to play the game. Because you can combine the new abilities with the previously available skill trees.


During the digital showcase, they showed off an in-depth look at FL4K’s new “Trapper” skill tree. This skill tree focusses on shields and survivability for both FL4K and their pet. You will be able to give your pet a copy of your shield. And the Capstone skill in the Trapper Tree will double your shield capacity and instantly recharge your shield when you use an action skill.

FL4K & Loaderbot

FL4K & Loaderbot

New Pet

With the Trapper Skill Tree, you will also get a new pet. Well, it’s not actually an animal it’s a Hyperion Loaderbot. FL4K’s special Loaderbot buddy can be specced in a variety of ways as you work your way down the skill tree: there’s the range-based ION Loader, which fires slow-moving projectiles can be shot to create powerful shock novas; the BUL Loader, which charges enemies and knocks them into the air with its shield (or just roundhouse kicks them); and the WAR Loader, which packs an incendiary shotgun, can toss grenades, and unleashes homing missiles on command.

New Action Skill

FL4K’s new Action Skill is called “Gravity Snare”. This is a throwable trap that tosses enemies up into the air before slamming them back into the ground. This is a great crowd control skill for FL4K because enemies that are caught in its radius won’t be able to attack

4th Skill Trees Overview

New Game Mode

The Gearbox Digital Showcase and the official press release both mentioned that this DLC pack will include a new game mode. However, we are left in the dark what this could be as there is no additional information about it. Randy Pitchford mentioned on Twitter that calling it a new game mode might be underselling it. Some fans joked about a Battle Royale Mode for Borderlands. My mind goes to Project 1v1 that Gearbox tested before Borderlands 3 release.

Update: It’s ARMS RACE

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