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Will New Tales From The Borderlands Have a Twitch Extension?

New Tales From The Borderlands Echocast
New Tales From The Borderlands Echocast

The Twitch Echo Extension for Borderlands 3 was a huge success for that game. It was a fun way for Streamers and Viewers to interact with each other during the game. Sadly, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands didn’t receive such a feature but what about New Tales From The Borderlands?

Choices Made by the Community

Tales From The Borderlands is all about making choices and the impact they have on the story. One of the fun things I always found is finding out which choices the rest of the community made.

Telltale always had these overviews at the end of an episode that showed the percentages of key plot moments. 80% of the Players one thing against 20% of the Players that chose the other.

What if viewers can participate in the story and make these choices through a Twitch Extention?

Tales From The Borderlands End Screen Stats
Tales From The Borderlands End Screen Stats

Twitch Extension

What if the viewers were also prompted with the same questions as the player? That they would have to make the same hard choices as the streamer that they are watching.

I think that this could work but the viewers don’t get to participate in every choice in the game. Because if they do get to make all the choices they are kinda already playing the game and that won’t incentivize them to get the game for themselves. Also, not seeing your choices reflected in the game isn’t really fun.

Minor plot points can be shown shortly after the fact. This could create some fun interaction between the Streamer and their community.

Major plot twists should be kept for the final reveal at the end of the episode. This would incentivize viewers to keep watching, which is a win for the Streamer. But this also creates some anticipation and hopefully a great reaction from the Streamer.

Vaultlander Community Battles

Throughout New Tales From The Borderlands, you can collect these Vaultlander figurines that you can use to battle opponents. These are weird quick-time events where your Vaultlander fights against another Pokemon style.

What if you could have Vaultlander Battles against the community?

Because Gearbox Software hasn’t fully explained how these battles work there is still a lot of speculation on the possibilities. But essentially, you can have a turned-based battle between the streamer and their community.

Borderlands 3 also had a viewer badass event. One viewer would be chosen as the “Badass” and their name would appear in the game. The community would then decide what type of buffs the Badass would receive as the battle continued.

An NPC could be placed at various points throughout the story, giving the streamer the choice to interact with the event.

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