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Vaultlanders in New Tales From The Borderlands Explained

Vaultlander Battle - Amara VS Zane - New Tales From The Borderlands

What are VaultLanders?

Vaultlanders are collectibles that you can find in New Tales From The Borderlands. They are hidden throughout the various environments in the game.

These collectibles are the basis for the epic Vaultlander minigame where you battle to the DEATH, figur-atively speaking of course because they are small plastic figures.

As you play through the story, there are surprise encounters where you’ll need to engage in plastic figurine warfare, attacking and dodging the enemy figurine via Quick Time Events.

These encounters are like your Pokemon battles and just like that franchise, the winner takes the loser’s Vaultlander for their collection!

Well, losing your Vaultlander is actually, the in-universe rule for hardcore Vaultlander players. Gearbox Software actually, designed the game in a way that you can’t lose your collectible, however, you need to restart the battle.

Vaultlander Battles occur in every episode in New Tales From The Borderlands. They are there to break away and change the pace of the game.

James Lopez (GBX Producer) mentioned in an interview that you can just bump into a rando after a big character moment and engage with a Vaultlander Battle.

As you play, you can acquire more and more Vaultlanders. You can even get a special FL4K Vaultlander when you Pre-Order New Tales From The Borderlands.


During a special NextMakers Town Hall, Gearbox Senior Producer, James Lopez told that Vaultlanders initially only were going to be collectibles during the free movement sections of the game. However, when joking about these figures could be used in an in-universe fight game, things got out of control and Vaultlander battles were implemented into the game.

During the Character Introduction Trailer, you can see Octavio scroll through articles on his smartwatch. One of the articles has an image of Marcus Kincaid with the headline saying: “Vaultlanders Creator Wins Big” suggesting Marcus is the creator of Vaultlanders.

Every Vaultlanders

Vaultlander Select Screen
Vaultlander Select Screen
  • Legendary
    • Phuong – Increases time to dodge attacks.
  • Rare
    • Salvador – Consecutive hits deal increased damage.
    • Vasquez – Drains life from the opponent.
  • Uncommon
    • Amara – Extends opponent stun time.
    • Zane – Chance to succeed a failed dodge.
    • FL4K – Bonus damage on stunned opponents.
  • Unknown Rarity (For Now)

My Speculation on Vaultlander Battles

I wonder what the various options are when you engage in a Vaultlander Battle. Judging from the controls in the original Tales From The Borderlands I can see these encounters have two stages.

In phase one, you have the option to choose. Your options are something like; Attack, Defend, Special Move, or Evade. However, in phase two, the roles are basically switched around, now you get to act through quick-time events.

But we will have to wait and see how these Vaultlander battles play out as GBX/2K will talk more about these encounters at a later date.

These Vaultlander Battles can be a nice change of pace to break up the game. Also, like Pokemon, gotta collect them all!

I wonder if each collectible comes with an in-game description telling us something about the character and their place in the world.

It’s cool that every Vaultlander has its own unique ability. I wonder if the rarity has to do with how difficult it is to find the figurine.

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