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Next Level Battleborn Skins and Taunts

Battleborn Skins and Taunts
Battleborn Skins and Taunts

The Battleborn character customization exists out of the options to change the skin and taunt of your hero. For a long time, we have been waiting and asking how this system would work inside Battleborn. The first answer we got was: “It’s more like Borderlands than like Destiny”. Although this kinda was a bit vague it actually is more down the lines of Borderlands where you were able to change your vault hunter’s head or skin.  With the Early Access and Open Beta we got our first look at some of the skins & taunts. I even made videos for all of the heroes to showcase these.

Gearbox had locked away the more cool stuff in the open beta.

Next Level Battleborn Skins and Taunts

Unlock Skins & Taunts

You can unlock these by leveling up your character. You will be rewarded with new skins at character rank 4, 8, 11 & 14. A special skin will be rewarded if you complete all the hero’s lore challenges. A new taunt will be given if you complete a specific lore challenge or reach character rank 15.

But these are not the only ways of unlocking new skins & taunts. You are also able to get them by opening gear packs. If you check the description of the faction-specific gear packs you can see that these have the chance of dropping a faction-specific skin or taunt. So there will be a lot more for you to collect. While some skins will be easier to obtain there are also some skins that are more rare.

Next Level Skins

During the Early Access and Open Beta I got a lot of feedback. While some were talking about their favorite taunt one reaction came across a lot. The skins are disappointing, they are just recolors of the existing outfits. Although this is true there is a little something something that you probably didn’t know. The thing is that Gearbox had locked away the more cool stuff. But they also made a mistake, so there was a bug in the early access that let bots pick and choose any skin they wanted. The Golden Skin from the pre-order bonus passed by a lot, but there were some skins that are more exotic.

Next Level Battleborn Skins and Taunts

The Skins inside Battleborn can be divided into multiple tiers and the ones we saw in the early access and the open beta were the tier 1 skins. These are the more basic skins the recolors so to say. In the image gallery above you got a first look at what the tier 2 skins will bring to the game. These have some more work to them and are designed for a specific theme. Then there are the tier 3 skins, these have not been shown yet. Tier 3 skins will have additional flair to them. While other skins won’t alter the character render these will.  An example that has been given is Phoebe wearing pants instead of a dress. Although this example would impact Phoebe’s hitbox a lot, the team is looking into doing these kinds of things. The tier 2 & 3 skins will be behind a small paywall.

  • Tier 1 – Re-colors
  • Tier 2 – Themed Skins
  • Tier 3 – Exclusive Skins


While on the subject of micro transactions. 2K Games has stated that they want to support Battleborn with a lot of character customization options. Some of these will be added to the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe Edition of Battleborn. There will also be additional content in the store to create a “unique” hero. No price point has been given out, but Randy Pitchford said during the “Inside Gearbox Panel”  that 2K wants to approach the market aggressively and is going to ask less than they should be.

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