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Nisha in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Nisha the Lawbringer

The Story

Nisha The Lawbringer

Nisha The Lawbringer

Nisha is the third Vault Hunter in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and you might remember her as the Sheriff in Borderlands 2.  She was not just the sheriff of lynchwood but she was also Handsome Jack’s girlfriend, so with the Pre-Sequel taking place before Borderlands 2 we might get some insight how those two found each other. We also know that she strangled Brick’s puppy and Borderlands franchise director Matt Armstrong referred to Nisha as “some people are just born bad”, where other characters had some event change them to who they are now. The team couldn’t come up with the right excuse what would justify strangling puppies.

Nisha’s Actionskill

But something we have been waiting for and this just got in, a overload on Borderlands the Pre-Sequel video’s revealing Nisha’s action skill. After seeing the first screenshot of Nisha we guessed that her action skill would be something like salvador’s action skill in Borderlands 2. Where Salvador had the ability to dual wield any 2 guns in the game the community thought that Nisha would dual wield 2 pistols. This is not exactly the case, Nisha’s Action skill is ‘showdown’, it’s a auto aim skill and gives you a lot of gun boosts.

  • Gun Damage +42%
  • Fire Rate +15%
  • Reload Speed +125%
  • Accuracy + 15%
  • Bullet Speed +50%
  • Recoil Reduction +30%


Showdown lasts for 6 seconds and has a cooldown of 16 seconds. There is a skill give you some more time, everytime you kill a enemy within showdown you gain a few seconds action skill duration.

The 3 skill trees are named

  1. Law & Order
    A defensive skill tree with melee buffs and a melee override skill giving your whip a electric shock effect. This tree also uses a stacking mechanic that will provide certain buffs. For every 15% damage Nisha takes she gets a little amount of Health back.
  2. Fan the Hammer
    The Gunslinger tree, very good is you use Jacobs guns with low magazine size. One skill gives all non-elemental weapons explosive damage and if you reach the capstone you will be able to dual wield any two pistols. You don’t have to farm for a second gun, you get a duplicate of the pistol you have equipped.
  3. The Riflewoman
    Rifle and sniper tree, the no scope tree as bullets will ricochet and will damage enemies. A skill called tombstone will give you a chance that all hits will count as a critical. The capstone skill is that every enemy you hit during showdown will get a explosive charge that will explode when showdown ends.


Are you excited to play as the Lawbringer, try out Nisha’s skilltree calculator.

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