No Plans to Shut Down Battleborn Servers

Battleborn Not Shutting Down Servers
Battleborn Not Shutting Down Servers

There are no plans to shut down the Battleborn servers as there is still a healthy player pool. This news comes from a vlog by one of the Gearbox developers. Scott Velasquez (Lead Programmer Battleborn) recorded a video during his commute, as Anthony Nicholson (Senior Producer  Battleborn) and he were on a trip to Gearbox Quebec.   They talked about video games in general, but also the recent news about Paragon and Gigantic shutting down their servers. That news in particularly got Battleborn players wondering what would happen with the Battleborn servers. During this vlog Scott mentions that a community member (LuckMod from the Battleborn Lost Heroes team) contacted him because he was seeing Paragon player migrating to Battleborn. While it is sad to see that other games are shutting down, Anthony could tell us that they don’t have those plans for Battleborn as there still is a healthy player pool. While most people will check the steam charts about a game’s player base, Battleborn actually performs better on consoles rather than PC. This news definitely helps with the question players have with the game  “are battleborn servers going down” or  “will the  battleborn servers stay up”. Battleborn is here to stay I double checked this news with Anthony Nicholson who is on the Battleborn Live Team.

Paragon Player Migrating to Battleborn

Battleborn Minor Update

During this video Anthony also talks about a minor update coming to Battleborn. I saw on Reddit that people are already speculating what this could be. However they are not aware that the video was recorded  2 weeks prior the recent update that made some changes to the Battleborn marketplace.

Marketplace update
  • 15% Price reduction across the Marketplace: including Skins, Taunts, Boosts, and Loot Packs.
  • Borderlands Skins price reduction: The price of the Borderlands skins is being reduced from 1855 to 1360 PC
  • Free Rotation: All skins and taunts related to characters on Free Rotation will be on sale 25% off
  • Earned Currency:  Magnus Packs, VIP Passes, and Finishers will be available for purchase with EC.
  • Flair: the chance to get Gear items with Flair from Core and faction Loot Packs is being significantly increased.

For the latest updates on Battleborn check out the Patch and Hotfix article.

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  1. Joe

    I ❤️ Scott Velazquez. And @TheGreatEight6, of course. ✌️ Scott still doesn’t have a Twitter account, right?

  2. Luca Mercuri

    Mentalmars, do you play on netherlands serve or you have to change to find games? im in german server cuz i moved in germany and they seems pretty full.

    • MentalMars

      I haven’t played pvp in a while. Working on secret projects 😉

    • Luca Mercuri


  3. neatozilla

    @Hobble_Dragon Why would they shut it down??? I literally get matches in seconds like??? This whole ide…

  4. Emanuel Gottig

    I never considered the fact that maybe some Paragon players migrated into Bborn for their MOBA fix. Gue…

  5. Adib Althof Rusydi

    this is why BB is the best hero shooters, never give Gearbox, this game will stay till the end of earth it self!!! glad I mead right decision, choosing BATTLEBORN

  6. Eraticsmiggle

    I haven’t played i awhile but I was there from the start with this game, pre ordered and everything, gl…

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  9. Richard G-Pizza

    I’m afraid I can’t do that Dan

  10. Ronnie L Johnson Jr.

    Give us the option of just playing incursion and more people will come back to Battle Born

  11. Riss Cassidy

    Connor Hill Gage Hargreaves Darcy Thomas lets bring it back i tell ya

  12. Tony McTuff Terril

    I might get back in if this is the case. I haven’t played in almost a year because of how low the player base is in Xbox.

  13. Lucy Larsen

    Diego Diaz


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