Olivier Richters as Krom in Borderlands Movie

Olivier Richters as Krom in Borderlands Movie
Olivier Richters as Krom in Borderlands Movie

Olivier Richter as Krom

Olivier Richters will be playing Krom in the upcoming Borderlands movie. Krom is the Turret-firing Boss you encountered in the 1st Borderlands game that has one of the pieces of the Vault Key. In Borderlands the Movie, Krom is the leader of the psycho bandits.

About Olivier Richter

Olivier Richters is a Dutch Bodybuilder who is known for his size as he is 2.18m / 7’2ft and 155kg / 342lbs large. However, he isn’t new to the movie industry as he also has a role in the Black Widow movie and The King’s Man.

Olivier is excited to announce his next movie: Borderlands

Movie Speculation

I think Olivier will have a piece of the puzzle just like in the game. Because, I think that’s more interesting than him just being the leader of the Bandits. That way the Psychos are more than just an obstacle but actually part of pushing the story forward.

Olivier does have the size to be a boss. While I’m not a short person, Olivier is huge!

Since Krom obtained his part of the Vault Key from Crazy Earl, I’m wondering if Randy Pitchford will have a cameo in the movie since he voiced that character.

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  1. Lynx

    Who’s Krom?

  2. Conlaoch Theofilos

    this is epic

  3. JC

    Yes yes yes and yes

    Well maybe

  4. Conlaoch Theofilos

    Wait whaaaaaa


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